World Cup 2014 Opening Games: Schedule with Thailand Times

World Cup 2014 Opening Games: Schedule with Thailand Times


The World Cup 2014 kicks off on Thursday in Brazil. Due to the time difference, in Thailand the matches will be at 11pm, 3am and 5am. You will be able to watch all 64 matches if you have subscriptions to RS and True. At the moment, free TV channels 7 and 8 will only have about 22 matches. But this might change. If you don’t want to stay up all night watching football, you can use subscription services at 365Sport and ThaiExpatTV to timeshift the games. This means watching whenever you like for 5-7 days. For example, instead of getting up early to watch the 5am game, you can start watching at 6am or any other time you like.

Brazil World Cup 2014 Opening Games: (Thailand time shown below):


Friday, 13 June
Brazil vs Croatia, São Paulo, 3am
Mexico vs Cameroon, Natal, 11pm

Wednesday, 18 June
Brazil vs Mexico, Fortaleza, 2am

Thursday, 19 June
Cameroon vs Croatia, Manaus, 5am

Tuesday, 24 June
Cameroon vs Brazil, Brasilia, 3am
Croatia vs Mexico, Recife, 3am


Saturday, 14 June
Spain vs Holland, Salvador, 2am
Chile vs Australia, Cuiaba, 5am

Wednesday, 19 June
Australia vs Holland, Porto Alegre, 11pm

Thursday, 19 June
Spain vs Chile, Rio de Janeiro, 2am

Monday, 24 June
Australia vs Spain, Curitiba, 11pm
Holland vs Chile, São Paulo, 11pm


Saturday, June 14
Colombia vs Greece, Belo Horizonte, 11pm

Sunday, 15 June
Ivory Coast vs Japan, Recife, 8am

Thursday, 19 June
Colombia vs Ivory Coast, Brasilia, 11pm

Friday, 20 June
Japan vs Greece, Natal, 5am

Wednesday, 25 June
Japan vs Colombia, Cuiaba, 3am
Greece vs Ivory Coast, Fortaleza, 3am


Sunday, 15 June
Uruguay vs Costa Rica, Fortaleza, 2am
England vs Italy, Manaus, 5am

Friday, 20 June
Uruguay vs England, São Paulo, 2am

Friday, 20 June
Italy vs Costa Rica, Recife, 11pm

Tuesday, 24 June
Italy vs Uruguay, Natal, 11pm
Costa Rica vs England, Belo Horizonte, 11pm


Sunday, 15 June
Switzerland vs Ecuador, Brasilia, 11pm

Monday, 16 June
France vs Honduras, Porto Alegre, 2am

Saturday, 21 June
Switzerland vs France, Salvador, 2am
Honduras vs Ecuador, Curitiba, 5am

Thursday, 25 June
Honduras vs Switzerland, Manaus, 3am
Ecuador vs France, Rio de Janeiro, 3am


Monday, 16 June
Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rio de Janeiro, 5am

Tuesday, 17 June
Iran vs Nigeria, Curitiba, 2am

Saturday, 21 June
Argentina vs Iran, Belo Horizonte, 11pm

Sunday, 22 June
Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cuiaba, 5am

Wednesday, 25 June
Nigeria vs Argentina, Poro Alegre, 11pm
Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran, Salvador,11pm


Monday, 16 June
Germany vs Portugal, Salvador, 11pm

Tuesday, 17 June
Ghana vs USA, Natal, 5am

Sunday, 22 June
Germany vs Ghana, Fortaleza, 2am
USA vs Portugal, Manaus, 5am

Thursday, 26 June
USA vs Germany, Recife, 11pm
Portugal vs Ghana, Brasilia,11pm


Tuesday, 17 June
Belgium vs Algeria, Belo Horizonte, 11pm

Wednesday, 18 June
Russia vs South Korea, Cuiaba, 5am

Sunday, 22 June
Belgium vs Russia, Rio de Janeiro, 11pm

Monday, 23 June
South Korea vs Algeria, Porto Alegre, 2am

Friday, 27 June
South Korea vs Belgium, São Paulo, 3am
Algeria vs Russia, Curitiba, 3am

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  1. hello can you help what channel is the football been played on world cup game tomorrow with Australia. THANK YOU

  2. Thank you for the information about World Cup schedule.
    So, it sounds like the USA-Ghana match at 5 AM tomorrow morning will be either on Channel 7 or 8.

    Is this correct?


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