How to Watch the World Cup on Demand in Thailand

How to Watch the World Cup on Demand in Thailand

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We are just weeks away now from the opening matches of the 20th FIFA World Cup hosted in Brazil. Thai TV will most likely be showing all of the matches, but you will be getting a Thai commentary and frequent advertising breaks. To solve this problem, you could try subscription services like Thai Expat TV and 365Sport. They will not only have all 64 games in HD quality, but they will also have English commentary from the BBC and ITV.

One of the best things about Thai Expat TV and 365Sport is that they have a “On Demand” services.  The opening match between host nation Brazil v Croatia kicks off on Thursday 12th June at 9pm on ITV in the UK (which is 3 a.m. in Thailand), so having the option to watch all of these late games when you wake up, or at your discretion, really is key to getting the most out of this competition. All matches will be broadcast live and will remain available to view on catch-up. ThaiExpatTV has 7 days on demand and 365Sport has 5 days.

Here is the schedule (UK times shown) for the opening group stages of the cup:


Thursday, 12 June
Brazil vs Croatia, São Paulo, 9pm ITV

Friday, 13 June
Mexico vs Cameroon, Natal, 5pm ITV

Tuesday, 17 June
Brazil vs Mexico, Fortaleza, 8pm BBC

Wednesday, 18 June
Cameroon vs Croatia, Manaus, 11pm ITV

Monday, 23 June
Cameroon vs Brazil, Brasilia, 9pm ITV
Croatia vs Mexico, Recife, 9pm ITV


Friday, 13 June
Spain vs Holland, Salvador, 8pm BBC
Chile vs Australia, Cuiaba, 11pm ITV

Wednesday, 18 June
Australia vs Holland, Porto Alegre, 5pm ITV
Spain vs Chile, Rio de Janeiro, 8pm BBC

Monday, 23 June
Australia vs Spain, Curitiba, 5pm ITV
Holland vs Chile, São Paulo, 5pm ITV


Saturday, June 14
Colombia vs Greece, Belo Horizonte, 5pm BBC

Sunday, 15 June
Ivory Coast vs Japan, Recife, 2am ITV

Thursday, 19 June
Colombia vs Ivory Coast, Brasilia, 5pm BBC
Japan vs Greece, Natal, 11pm BBC

Tuesday, 24 June
Japan vs Colombia, Cuiaba, 9pm BBC
Greece vs Ivory Coast, Fortaleza, 9pm BBC


Saturday, 14 June
Uruguay vs Costa Rica, Fortaleza, 8pm ITV
England vs Italy, Manaus, 11pm BBC

Thursday, 19 June
Uruguay vs England, São Paulo, 8pm ITV

Friday, 20 June
Italy vs Costa Rica, Recife, 5pm BBC

Tuesday, 24 June
Italy vs Uruguay, Natal, 5pm ITV
Costa Rica vs England, Belo Horizonte, 5pm ITV


Sunday, 15 June
Switzerland vs Ecuador, Brasilia, 5pm ITV
France vs Honduras, Porto Alegre, 8pm BBC

Friday, 20 June
Switzerland vs France, Salvador, 8pm ITV
Honduras vs Ecuador, Curitiba, 11pm ITV

Wednesday, 24 June
Honduras vs Switzerland, Manaus, 9pm BBC
Ecuador vs France, Rio de Janeiro, 9pm BBC


Sunday, 15 June
Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rio de Janeiro, 11pm BBC

Monday, 16 June
Iran vs Nigeria, Curitiba, 8pm BBC

Saturday, 21 June
Argentina vs Iran, Belo Horizonte, 5pm ITV
Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cuiaba, 11pm BBC

Wednesday, 25 June
Nigeria vs Argentina, Poro Alegre, 5pm ITV
Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran, Salvador, 5pm ITV


Monday, 16 June
Germany vs Portugal, Salvador, 5pm ITV
Ghana vs USA, Natal, 11pm BBC

Saturday, 21 June
Germany vs Ghana, Fortaleza, 8pm BBC
USA vs Portugal, Manaus, 11pm BBC

Thursday, 26 June
USA vs Germany, Recife, 5pm BBC
Portugal vs Ghana, Brasilia, 5pm BBC


Tuesday, 17 June
Belgium vs Algeria, Belo Horizonte, 5pm ITV
Russia vs South Korea, Cuiaba, 11pm BBC

Sunday, 22 June
Belgium vs Russia, Rio de Janeiro, 5pm BBC
South Korea vs Algeria, Porto Alegre, 8pm ITV

Thursday, 26 June
South Korea vs Belgium, São Paulo, 9pm ITV
Algeria vs Russia, Curitiba, 9pm ITV

How to Watch Thai Expat TV and 365Sport

I have been using ThaiExpatTV for several years now and I’m very happy with their service. I have their mobile package and either watch on my iPad or on the big screen by using an Apple TV. I also bought an Android box from them which has a better interface with a dedicated app. You not only get to watch UK TV channels live or 7 days on demand but also fast forward/rewind in steps of 1 or 5 minutes. I have also used 365Sport in much the same way. They have very similar interfaces. I watch them on the iPad/Apple TV and also on a browser on my Smart TV. I am not sure how their Android box is set up as i don’t have one. Which service you choose all depends on what other channels you want.

Some people like to use iPlayer to watch British TV and Sports Channels with a VPN service. But I find that by doing this there is a lot of buffering. With ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport their servers are here in Thailand and so there is hardly any buffering and no need for a VPN service. I rarely have any problems with my connection.

For more information or to get a free trial to test it out now, visit the ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport websites.

31 thoughts on “How to Watch the World Cup on Demand in Thailand

  1. Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your blog with always accurate and up to date information.

    You often talk about Thai Expat TV, but there is also 365 sports. Do you think 365 sports will show the World Cup as well ?

    Have you tried both and which service do you think is better ? I’ve been using 365 sports for the past few months, and I have to say, I am not totally satisfied, they have streaming problems, on-demand doesn’t work properly sometimes (you click on a program to watch it from the beginning and it shows right in the middle, it’s annoying especially when it’s a football game), their servers are sometimes down. Do you think it’s worth it to change to Thai Expat TV ?


      1. Funny enough, about 3 or 4 hours after posting this message on your blog I received an email from 365Sports telling me they would broadcast the 64 World Cup games and apparently create new channels specially for the event.

        If you don’t have the email, I can send you a copy for all the details.

      2. Hi Richard, we are coming over on holiday for the World Cup & have just found out our hotel will not be showing the World Cup & given the current curfew it will make it very difficult to watch the games. We have an iPad & I was wondering is there any way we will be able to stream the games through that onto our hotel TV ? Do Thai Expat TV or 365 Sports do short term packages?

        1. I use those services on my iPad. In fact I watched them last night at the hotel I’m staying at. But there is no guarantee of good internet at every hotel. Yes, you can pay month by month.

          1. We are staying at the Metadee resort in Kata & I emailed them & they replied that the games will not be on our hotel room TV’s. I don’t mind turning volume down & having no commentary, but I do mind missing the games. We are considering cancelling our holiday . Generally it looks from what I have read that there is no problems other than the curfew. Could that be lifted?

  2. I use 365sport they have some channels in HD. They will broadcast live in HD all matches of the worldcup and they will be available for 5 days after being played, according their mail. It works great on a 10mb internet connection, i am probably old fashioned but I stream it to my laptop and use an HDMI cable to watch it on tv 🙂

    1. I know people who do that and it works fine as long as you have a good computer/laptop. I also know people with old computers who are having difficulty with processing power etc. Using an Android box not only solves that problem but leaves your computer/laptop to do other things. I bought one Android box from these guy and in my bedroom I use an android box that I had bought elsewhere. Both work fine.

      1. Yeah I have heard of these things – Android boxes, I have never seen one in action though, and most likely if I buy one it will end up in the back of a cabinet, unless it is plug & play but they rarely are, at least not with me.

    2. Looking for some help i have just paid at tesco lotus the 900 bht to get started for 365 sport tv but when i go back to the 365 website its saying its unpaid do you know what i can do to get started?

  3. Do you know which provider will 365 sports be using for their feeds for the world cup? Is it BBC or Fox sports america?

  4. do you guys know when pay for the sun box it’s gone be only one time or it’s monthly and do you can youse after the world cup

  5. Hi Richard, Its now 5 days to World Cup and incredibly it appears still no clarity about coverage on Thai TV/ Truevisions. Any news from you? I have Thaiexpat TV, so hope to watch there, but there is a nasty rumour that the rights holder in Thailand might be able to block Thaiexpat TV for the duration of the World Cup matches. Again, have you heard this rumour? I have emailed to the expat TV helpdesk and await their response.

    1. They have never blocked them before so cannot see them doing so this time. At the moment, 25 matches will be shown on free TV channels & & 8 and the rest on RS. But True are in the courts now trying to get their hands on a bigger slice of the pie for free.

  6. We will know on Tuesday whether they will show on true or free tv for all the free matches.
    I don’t think thaiexpat tv can be blocked as it’s free tv from the UK

  7. ‘The opening match between host nation Brazil v Croatia kicks off on Thursday 12th June at 3 a.m. (Thailand time)’

    No, it really doesn’t. Sao Paulo time is 10 hours behind Bangkok time, so it kicks off at 7.00am Friday 13th June.

    1. As mentioned in the blog, all times are UK times where the matches are being shown on BBC and ITV. First match is 9pm in the UK on the 12th June which is 3am in Thailand (on the 13th June).

      1. Yes, it says that now in the blog, but as I cut and pasted my original comment, it didn’t before. You were out by 24 hours, showing the match here in Thailand before it had even been played.

  8. Its good truevisions will have the world cup… I never made the switch for CTH to get football so finally im at least getting my moneys worth for the world cup… The only downside is I bet there wont be english commentary.

    Also about the first kick off time its 3:00am thai time not 7:00am.. The latest any match in the world cup that will show is 8am local time but thats Japan and Ivory Coast.

    Most other group stage matches will be broadcast thai time from anywhere from 11pm to 5am.

    A little better news is the round of 16 matches will start no later than 3am and earliest starting at 11am.. The final will start at 2am.

  9. Hi,for the games at 2/3am, will there be pubs /bars open late enough to show them? I am going backpacking and will be possibly be in chiang mai for the final and am considering changing my route because dont want to miss the final especially with the curfew still there. Do you think hostels/ guesthouses will show late games?


    1. There’s no problem watching the game at your hostel/hotel lounge during curfew. I know some pubs and bars in Bangkok are advertising showings of the world cup. But if you want guarantee then you need to go to a town that no longer has a curfew.

    1. I think the reason for the delay is to copy the stream onto their servers here first in Thailand before rebroadcasting. That way you only have to connect to a local server. If the server was in Europe then it would buffer for sure. Personally I don’t mind a short delay if it means a better viewing experience.

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