Hashtag for “Handsome Soldiers” is Trending on Twitter in Thailand

Hashtag for “Handsome Soldiers” is Trending on Twitter in Thailand

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Yesterday we woke up to the news that the Thai army had declared martial law and that armed soldiers were stationed at every intersection in Bangkok. In addition they “took over” all of the TV and radio stations. TV channels were allowed to broadcast as normal but they had to interrupt programs with frequent announcements from the army. All of this is effectively a coup.

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Having armed soldiers take over your country is a scary situation. So, how did the Thai people react? To answer this, the best way is to take a look at social media. So, what do you think the trending hashtag was yesterday on Twitter? If you said something to do with the military then you were right, but only partly.

The trending hashtag in Thai language yesterday was “handsome soldiers”. In Thai this is #ทหารหล่อ.  A second hashtag, #ทหารหล่อบอกด้วย, encourages people to share pictures if they see handsome soldiers. Thai people were also out on the streets of Bangkok taking selfies of themselves with the soldiers and posting them on Facebook and Twitter. Only in Thailand?

15 thoughts on “Hashtag for “Handsome Soldiers” is Trending on Twitter in Thailand

  1. Hi Richard! I am Argentine. I’m in Hanoi (Vietman). I must travel to Bangkok tomorrow, where I will be one day to take my flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I wanted to ask how’s the situation there. Shopping malls are open? Is it safe to stay in the Siam Paragon? The transit operating normally (I have this fear that blocked traffic)??

  2. Hi richard! Im traveling to bangkok on May 31 (1st time), should i move or cancel my flight? How’s the situation in bangkok? I need your opinion. Pls. Thank you so much 🙂

      1. Advance happy birthday!! 🙂 we’ll be staying in pratunam area, I’m not sure if thats a worry free place though. Anyway, where to go for the best street food in bangkok? 🙂 thank you richard! Stay safe 🙂

  3. Hi Richard! I am travelling from Glasgow to Chiang Mai tomorrow and I was just wondering if the soldiers are checking all documents before entering the gates? We will not be travelling out with the curfew but I would just like to be prepared for what may happen. Thanks very much!

      1. I understand that there is a military presence at thapae gate and was just wondering what this meant for tourists entering Chiang Mai?

  4. Hi Richard!
    I’ve been trying to get a good understanding of the current situation in Thailand and have found your blog and tweets so beneficial! I’m planning on teaching English in Thailand until March. I’m scheduled to fly into Bangkok on May 30 and from there I will be going to Thoen, Lampang. My desire to come is strong, but I don’t want to be foolish and disregard my safety concerns. I’m not sure if I should continue as planned.”. I would highly value your opinion.

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