How to Watch the Winter Olympics 2014 in Thailand

How to Watch the Winter Olympics 2014 in Thailand


This page is for some tips and tricks for watching the Winter Olympics from here in Thailand. It will include free and paid services, both here on Thai television and abroad using online services. I will update this page with new links and tips as and when I get them. Can you please help with your own tips by posting in the comments below.

Opening Ceremony is on Friday from 11pm to 2am Thai time <<< CLICK HERE >>>


Probably the best website for online streaming is BBC Sports. They are expected to have 650 hours of live streaming.

Many of these websites block access depending on your geo location. However, you can use a VPN or similar service that changes your IP address so that websites that you are visiting won’t know you are coming from Thailand. Here are some that I know about:

  • Hola – This is a free plug-in for Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can also get version to run on Android, Windows and Mac. This is the best one I’ve seen so far and actually seems to speed up the internet. It’s free to download and use, but if you click on this link and register you and I get one free month of premium service.
  • Maige TV – If you have a Maige TV box, you will be able to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics at 7:30am on Saturday on NBC HD (CH. 977)
  • TrueVisions – If you have TrueVisions you can watch the opening ceremony live on WorkPoint TV CH.77 with Thai commentary
  • ThaiExpatTV – This is a paid service to watch British TV seven days on demand. BBC 2 has Olympic coverage. At the moment, ThaiExpatTV has a free trial which is worth checking out
  • 365Sport – I’m told that 365Sport will have coverage of the Olympics on their Channel 5 – this is 4 days on demand so you don’t need to watch live. It’s a subscription service which has a lot of football and other sports on demand. They don’t seem to have a free trial at the moment.

Please let me know if you know of other free services.

3 thoughts on “How to Watch the Winter Olympics 2014 in Thailand

  1. If you are from the USA and have a cable provider, you can get NBC’s coverage by using your account log in for the cable provider when you try to access the video on However, you need to go through a VPN or some IP changing program to get access.

  2. 365tv has a one month trial currently.
    But the coverage of Winter Olympics is poor.
    Only via Eurosport which has no live coverage, just a short summary per day.

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