Turnstiles Block Access to Taxis on Departure Level

Turnstiles Block Access to Taxis on Departure Level

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It’s been a while now that they have installed the one-way turnstiles on the departure level at Suvarnabhumi Airport. But, they haven’t been serious about using them. However, that has all changed now as you can see by this recent photo. Taxis can drop people off but these turnstiles are stopping people landing at the airport coming up to the departure level.

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While I was there, I saw a few taxis hovering, obviously not knowing that passengers couldn’t reach them any more. I also saw an AOT vehicle with a loudspeaker telling the taxi drivers to move on. But then I saw this taxi driver at one of the turnstiles calling to a foreign tourist. What he did was swing the turnstile half way which left a small gap and then helped the tourist carry his suitcase. The security guard there did nothing to stop them.

So, you can still catch a taxi on departure level if you like but not if you have a lot of luggage. Departure level has the advantage that you get to pick and choose your taxi and driver. However, for new people it is recommended that you use the official taxi rank on the lower level. Here they give you a piece of paper with the taxi license plate written on it if you need to make a complaint later. But, the official taxi queue doesn’t mean you won’t be scammed. The only time I have been cheated at this airport was in the official taxi queue which is why I prefer to go upstairs.

10 thoughts on “Turnstiles Block Access to Taxis on Departure Level

  1. I arrived at 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day and after seeing around 500 people in the taxi queue went upstairs. I squeezed through the barrier and lifted my suitcase over the top. The guard was not in the slightest bit interested.

    Two taxis wanted silly amounts to go anywhere, but a third one offered me a ride to Ratchayothin area for 300 baht, which is about what it normally costs on the meter, especially as it was late and we didn’t have to use the tollways.

    Conclusion, it’s still doable, but you might get an over keen guard who does his job and stops you during the daytime.

  2. Thank you for reporting. I watched this area from bus 554, and noticed a security guard on every turnstile. But a friend reported as well that he got through without problems.

  3. David remarks on how corrupt Thais are. Isn’t it corrupt to scam a system (like the turnstiles) or buy pirated videos, etc.? With the exception of David (we hope), it would seem that all farang are corrupt because they are always scamming some system and telling each other how to do it and the best places to do it.
    By the way. Do you know why there is no corruption in Amaerica? Because we refuse to call a dog a dog in America. If we did call a dog a dog in America, America would then look like one of the most corrupt countries in the world. “Yeah, but it’s not in your face in America,” a friend once observed to me. So that’s alright, then! (I would think losing one’s job or having to pay high taxes to bail out financiers & bankers to be “in your face”. But I guess not.)

  4. Trying to justify Thailand to America even though there are similarities is like asking when Thailand became a country before America was still fighting to gain it’s independence from England and since then America has become a superpower so what became of Thailand would be meme. If any person goes to the encyclopedia and it would be your prerogative to do so to find out the details and the dates of when Thailand became a country, not a nation. Thailand has a long history of being a nation in longevity in life Yeah! Steve or anyone please do you research.

  5. I have gone past the turnstiles twice Just turn it such that u can walk past thru it and drag your bag behind No one has stopped me And the taxi drivers are quite happy to take me to my destination with meter on

  6. Good morning! Could you please give us some advice? We are flying back to Germany tomorrow at around 8pm. We want to take a taxi from the bts station Chit Lom(that’s where we stay) to Suvarnabhumi Airport. The thing is we have a patient who can not move too much and needs rest. So we would like to know when is the best time to leave our hotel, and whether the road from chitlom to airport is blocked. Thanks a lot!

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