Welcome to…. Rayong Prison

Welcome to…. Rayong Prison

rayong prison

When travelling around Thailand, it is quite common to see these “welcome” billboards that have the faces of politicians on them. But, this one is a little different. The first two lines say “Welcome to Drug Dealers”! If you are driving along this road and saw that, you might be forgiven into thinking that the people of Rayong like drug dealers and want more to come. However, if you have time to read the slightly smaller writing on the third line as you whizz past in your car, you will see that they are really welcoming drug dealers to “Rayong Provincial Prison”. So, it is an anti-drug poster. What do you think? Effective?

RT @nuttaputch: เห็นป้ายโปรโมทผลงานรัฐบาลมาก็เยอะ แต่ป้ายนี้เนี่ย…อะไรหว่า.. -*-“ http://t.co/kDdQ07HrxU

4 thoughts on “Welcome to…. Rayong Prison

  1. Like many billboards in Thailand they are designed by amateurs. 9-10 words maximum is readable on a highway. This is just an ego trip for the politicians pictured.

  2. I don’t consider this billboard too bad.
    The big middle line (“drug dealer”) is quite an eye catcher.
    I have seen such a billboard in another province at a crossection with traffic lights.
    So enough time to read :>)

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