Map of Bangkok Protest Sites in December 2013

Map of Bangkok Protest Sites in December 2013


UPDATED on 30th December 2013: It is now expected to be quiet over the new year holiday. Many tourists still reporting that they didn’t see any protesters during their holiday in Bangkok. It’s a big city and as long as you stay away from the rally sites and any large gathering you will be perfectly fine. Don’t worry. But, do follow me on Twitter for breaking news 24/7

After 2nd January 2014 we are expecting a big rally across Bangkok. Police are expecting it to be peaceful but it will cause gridlock. We don’t yet know which day or any of their intended targets. But we are expecting it to be more prolonged this time. Follow on twitter for more information as soon as I get it, 24/7.

This page will no longer be updated as we are in a new month already. Please visit: Everything You Need to Know about the Bangkok Shutdown.

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This page will no longer be updated as we are in a new month already. Please visit: Everything You Need to Know about the Bangkok Shutdown.

597 thoughts on “Map of Bangkok Protest Sites in December 2013

  1. Hi Richard,
    we will be arriving in BKK on this Sunday morning(12/22) and staying in pullman bangkok king power hotel for 5 days. Is it ok to take a taxi from our hotel to khao Sand raod on 12/22 afternoon? it seems that there’s no Protest Site near the Khao San Road area, pls advise, ur reply will be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks!

  2. Hi Richard,

    I will be leaving on 22 Dec 2013, will there be any issue from BTS trasfer to ARL at phaya Thai.

  3. Hello Richard,

    Me and my partner are arriving in Bangkok tomorrow (Dec 23rd) in the afternoon. We arriving through Don Mueang airport, will it be ok to get a taxi or do you think there will be problems? We are staying at Sachas Hotel Uno on
    28/19 Sukhumvit Soi 19, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoan Nue, Wattana from my understanding there is a major rally site located here for today’s march. Is this correct? Will it still be safe for us to travel there? Any guidance you can provide would be a huge help. Thank you.

  4. Hi Richard,

    My family and I will be going to BKK from December 25 to 30,and we’ll be staying in Pratunam area. I saw your maps regarding the protest and it mostly covers where we will be staying and going. I would like to ask if by those days, are there still protest that would be happening or none? Is it safe? Any suggestions to prevent us from those protest? 🙂 Lots of thanks

  5. Hi Richard,
    My family and I will be going to BKK from December 25 to 30 and we’ll be staying in Pratunam area. I saw the map that you posted regarding the protest and it mostly covers where we will be staying and going. Is there still a protest that will be happening when we get there or none? Is it safe if there is? Any suggestions to prevent those protest? 🙂 Lots of thanks

  6. Hi Richard,
    Coming to BKK on 25th for christmas until 28th december. Will the protest expected to continue over the week ? Staying in four points sheraton – which is close to asok bts which is one of the rally site…

  7. Hi, we’ll be visiting bangkok and will stay at pratunam pavilion hotel from 9-12 January of next year. I’ve seen the pratunam as one of the rally area. Will it be safe or is it to commute by taxi during that period? Hopefully the protests will end soon. 🙂

  8. Hi Richard, We will be staying in four star shareton in bangkok (which is few kilometers away from the protest area) from 24th – 27th Dec. Should we expcect any problem? Thank you for your help. Regards

  9. we are visiting bkk from 27th until 1st Jan. do you thinkgoing to pattaya day trip on 29th is ok to avoid the gridlock ?? Thanks

  10. Hi Richard, will be staying in South Sathorn near Lumpini Park from 27th Dec- 2nd Jan. Hard for you to say I know, but we have a 7 and a 4 year old. Wife now not sure whether to cancel. Thanks and great updates

  11. Hello Richard,
    my family and I are arriving in Bangkok at the end of this week.
    Will it be hard getting to Pratunam from the Suvarnabhumi airport?
    Are there still rallies in Pratunam?
    Thank you.

  12. Dear Richard,

    Thank you for providing live update. I am going to BKK on 25-27 and stay in Mardanrin Centre Piont near Sam Yan – should I carry on the trip or forget it?

    thanks Lea

  13. Hi Richard,

    Thank you for the useful information that you have been providing, really appreciate it alot.

    I will be staying at Banyan Tree Bangkok on 26-30 Dec, will there be much difficulties for me to travel by cab from the airport to the hotel?

    Thank you so much for your assistance


  14. Hi Richard

    Looking at the situation now in Bangkok, should I continue the trip on 31/12/2013? It is just a 4 days 3 nights short getaway trip. Please advise.

  15. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the updates, very helpful! Just wondering how things are now?
    I am traveling with wife and children (8years) to BKK from 1st – 6th January, staying in Silom area, just around corner from Lumphini Park – BTS Silom. We hope to visit:
    MBK Siam Paragon for shopping,
    Grand Palace, Giant Buddha,
    Chao Praya cruise,
    Floating Markets at Damnoan Saduak.
    After that heading to Pattaya and Koh Samui.

  16. I plan travel to Phuket on Jan 2014 with my kids (transit at Bangkok airport to connect flight to Phuket). Should I cancel this trip or not ? I scare of protest and polictical situation that may block the airport and affect tourist. Should I travel or not ? Is it dangerous to my kids ?

  17. Dear Mr. Richard,

    Mid of next month, I am travelling from Don Muang Airport to Prautunum Hotel area by taxi. Is is safe to travel in the afternoon? Thanks for your reply advance.

  18. Hi, Richard. I’ve planned a short getaway trip to Bangkok from 21st Jan to 24th Jan landed at Don Mueang Airport. Is that safe to travel there within this period? We stay at tune hotel asoke there any protest activity around thr?

  19. My mom and I are arriving in Bangkok Feb.5 and fly out Feb.11. Right after election. Ugh. Think we should make a plan B and not be in Bangkok during these dates?

  20. Hi Richard, i’ll be landing in bkk on 1st jan will be there till 6jan. I’m staying centara watergate. Is it one of the rally sites? Centralworld and all? Taxi’s not safe? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi, i’m really confuse now cause i will be landing 1-6th jan too but apparently someone told me that my hotel asia hotel is near the riot area? is that true Richard? Should i change hotel? Thanks for your advise!

  21. Hi, I will be landing in bangkok on 21-25 January 2014 and stay in hotel nearby Ratchatewi area, would that area be safe to travel that time?

  22. Hi,

    I will be arriving in Bangkok on 31/01/14 and stay until 4/02/14. Will be staying at Hyatt Erawan hotel. Would it be safe around that area?


  23. Hi, Richard

    Im will go to bangkok on 10/1/14 till 13/1/14 and stay on Bangkok City Hotel. is it okay now there ?
    actually im lilte worry..hehe
    but thanks a lot for this information.

    Thank You

  24. Thanks for your reply. Please do keep on update the situation at Bangkok until next month okay? Your effort is much appreciated! 😀

  25. Hello Richard! I noticed on the map it shows a protest site in the Bang Rak district. I know the Lebua hotel is in that district as well. How far is the Lebua State Tower hotel from this protest site? If it is right on top of it we might switch hotels. Thank you for keeping us all updated!!!

      1. Hi Richard. We will arrive in the Sukhumvit (Nana BTS) area new years day and need to catch a flight at Don Muang Airport the next day. Do you have any travel advice in particular or should we be alright?

  26. I will be with a tour group in Bankok Sunday 1/5 and Monday 1/6, staying at the Viengtai Hotel. From there we travel to Chiang Mai.
    Your thoughts on safety?

  27. Just back from a great and peaceful holiday in Bangkok.Thai people are very friendly,I hope the political situation won’t change this..

  28. Hi Richard,

    Thanks to you that we had a great time in Bangkok. As a matter of fact we were in Bangkok even on 22nd when there was a grid lock. We followed your advice and went out early on that day out to safari world and returned late in the evening. We followed your tweets to keep us posted. You are doing a great service to the tourists community visiting thailand in general and Bangkok in particular.

  29. We have reservations at hotel New Siam Riverside, 8 blocks from Grand Palace, on the river, for Jan 9-12, needing to get to the airport evening of the 12th. It’s sounding like that will not be a good place to be. I’m thinking of changing to a hotel near the airport. What do you think?

      1. Thanks for the up-to-date information and reassurance. We’ll stick with Plan A and enjoy ourselves.

  30. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the great map, we are due to arrive in Bangkok on 23rd January so keeping an eye on the situation at the moment, I might have missed this but is there a key to what all the different colours/symbols on the map mean? Also, is the Grand Palace area still safe to go to even though it is close to government buildings?

    Thanks again for the great information you are providing 🙂

  31. Hi Richard,

    I’m traveling to Bangkok from 8 Jan to 11 Jan 2014. Will it be safe?
    You mentioned earlier about bangkok shutdown on 7 Jan, what do you mean?

  32. Hi Richard,

    the information you are providing is very helpful.. I am planning to visit bangkok on the 10th – 16th of January. do you think this is a wise idea? will the protest close also the airports? As you said the shutdown is planned to be on the 13th.. so my stay is for sure going to be affected. how is the condition there?

    Thank you once again.

  33. Hi Richard,
    Your updates are very useful. Very rare to find people like you who help others without expecting any benefits.Wish u a Happy 2014.
    I too have a question for you.
    I have planned my vacation with family in bangkok from 16th to 23rd, inclusive of 3 days in Krabi ( 19-22nd). is it worth still going ahead with the plan or to drop it. Iam getting bit nervous as the dates are nearer to Feb2nd elections.

    1. The problem in Bangkok from 13th January is only with getting around. But if you plan for it and use Skytrain/subway/boats you will be fine. The elections in February shouldn’t affect you. Krabi will be fine and worry free.

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