Bangkok Taxis Ranked Among Top Ten in the World

Bangkok Taxis Ranked Among Top Ten in the World

Bangkok Taxis

Bangkok taxis have been voted top ten of the best taxis in the world, according to the annual global taxi survey from which included over 30 countries and 28 cities worldwide. Bangkok came in 8th place in the annual survey, also winning an honorable mention for best value. Travelers voted according to seven categories: friendliness, knowledge of the area, cleanliness, safety, quality of driving, availability and value. Bangkok taxis came in joint first (with London) in terms of best value for money.

The annual taxi survey not only surveyed people in 30 countries but also spoke to taxi drivers in 28 cities globally. The global survey revealed the world’s more obscure objects that travelers have admitted to leaving behind in a taxi were false teeth, a trombone, and a prosthetic leg saying that the most common item left behind in a taxi are mobile phones. Bangkok taxi drivers surveyed differed in their response, saying that the most common item left behind in taxis was food (63%), followed by keys (23%), a laptop (10%), and a briefcase (6%).

The favorite nationality to transport globally was Americans coming in at 24.3%, although Bangkok taxi drivers surveyed found that they did not have a preference in nationality and liked transporting English, Americans, French, Germans, Spanish, and Irish equally.  One thing that Bangkok taxi drivers agreed on was that Americans were by far the best tippers, coming in at 53%, followed by the French at 16%, Spanish at 13%, Germans at 10% and then Irish at 6%. Taxi journeys to the airport are a clear favorite with Taxi drivers globally (34%) and passengers with 50% choosing to take a taxi to or from the airport. Bangkok taxis also preferred taking passengers to the airport.

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17 thoughts on “Bangkok Taxis Ranked Among Top Ten in the World

  1. My experience is very different. Taxi drivers will in many cases not drive you to different parts of town. It is always very hard for me to get a taxi to bring me from MBK to Wat Pho area. The many times they left me standing

  2. Quite good value for money, I agree. But I was still very surprised to see they ranked 8th in the world. It’s so annoying to have to ask IF they’ll take you to your destination. Most places in the world, you get in and go, no fuss.

  3. “Bangkok Taxis Ranked Among Top Ten in the World”

    …and Phuket taxis the absolute worst.

    Minimum charge – 500 baht.

    You think I’m exaggerating? Pop down here and see for yourself.

  4. I found from my Thai friends the reason why BKK taxis may reject potential customers:

    Most Thai taxi drivers don’t own the cars. They rent them daily from rental companies in shift agreement. Stupid as it seems, the day shift ends around 4-6PM for almost all rental companies. If you try to call a cab around this time and if by his own estimate, taking you will result in a late rental return, then he will not take you. The driver is fined for returning the car late since there’s another driver waiting for the car to start the next shift.

    So your timing, destination, and traffic condition en route will determine your success calling the BKK cabbies.

  5. This is a one sided survey for sure. Thai taxis only look for foreigners because they of course are better tippers and easy (for moral-less taxis) to rip off. (ex. Don Muang Airport to Laksi for $800)

    The Thais will work effortlessly for money above the standard pay and will choose a destination that benefits them.

    All in all, good news for foreigners and bad news for locals .. I guess.

  6. The most unreliable survey. Value for money and availability maybe, but the rest is not true.
    I suppose a lot of us(foreign) encounter many time they refuse to turn on the meter especially after knowing we are going to tourist spot. It is unwise to check with the driver about destination from the car window, advise is to go straight into the back seat and tell him the destination

  7. Thai Taxis are generally good value for money but are spoiled by the ones who are hell bent on trying to scam foreigners, sometimes over the top. My worst experiences in 12 years have been 1.Hiring a large taxi in PATAYA to go to BANGKOK with a 3 month old baby and being dumped in the scorching sun on wasteland 4km outside town because i refused to change into a old taxi which was smelly and broken air con. 2. Getting a Taxi from the airport to Thong Lor with the taxi driver constantly telling me the minimum fare was 500 baht (it is aprox 210). Unfortunately i never had change and he refused to-refund my change WITH THREATS OF TAKING ME TO THE POLICE STATION, WHICH WOULD RESULT ON PAYING THEM AS WELL. 3. Taxi drivers failing to pick up any fares if it is not to their liking is the favorite.

  8. When a taxi driver rejects you service just leave the doors wide open then walk away. For them that is to much like work to have to close the doors. Thais keep them selves poor in mind and in the future Thailand will not grow. right now Thailand is at it’s best that would be a bought golden age from other places.

  9. Thai taxi drivers are amoung the worst I have experienced.
    They tailgate and drive fsr to fast especially on their highways. Apart form a few of them their standard of driving is low.
    The only one I have found to be consistantly good is a (rather rare) Thai lady driver who I use whenever I can.
    Further they often reject your service which apparently is illegial.
    The idea of leaving their door open by David is a good one.

    How on earth did this bullshit get here. I have used a taxi for 5 to 6 days a week in the last year in Thailand and cannot believe the above.
    Dis someone get paid to write it.

    A lot of them try you on asking for 3 to 4 times the actual fee and not leaving on their meters.
    The ones outside tourist hotels etc are the worst.

    1. I have to say, nine times out of ten the taxi driver will take me where I want to go and always turn on the meter, Though, I’m not always happy with their driving skills and the fact there are no seatbelts in the back.

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