List of Recent Popular Thai Blogs

List of Recent Popular Thai Blogs


In case you may have missed any of them, here is a list of the most popular of my Thai blogs over the past 30 days:

  1. Unofficial Prices of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at MBK in Bangkok
  2. Thai Airways try to “cover-up” incident at Suvarnabhumi Airport
  3. Will @Rihanna Tweeting with the Hashtag #Thailand be a Two Edged Sword for the Country?
  4. “Official Prices” for iPhone 5S and 5C in Thailand
  5. Justin Bieber has arrived in Thailand
  6. Popular Bangkok News Site Steals My Pictures
  7. Another Great TV Commercial from Thailand
  8. How to Watch ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport on your TV
  9. Watch English Premier League On Demand and Online with 365Sport
  10. Full Schedule for Watching English Premier League on Free Thai TV

  1. Don’t Fall for the “Grand Palace is Closed” Scam
  2. Vendors Sent to Prison for Scamming Tourists
  3. Don’t Fall for the “Bird Food” Scam in Bangkok
  4. European Heritage Map of Bangkok and Ayutthaya
  5. The Stupa at the Temple of the Dawn will be closed for Three Years
  6. Cartoon Network Amazone finishes building Thailand’s first high-speed water coaster
  7. Free Bicycles for Tourists in Bangkok
  8. Ten New and Hot Places to Visit in Pattaya
  9. World Muay Thai Angels 2013
  10. Northern Rail Line to Close for Repairs from 16 September – 31 October

The following are some of the most popular of my Thai blogs over the last year:

  1. My Blog the Thai Government Doesn’t Want you to See
  2. Detained in the US for “Visiting Thailand Too Much”
  3. Taxi Driver Hacks to Death a Foreigner in Bangkok
  4. How to Watch English Premier League in Thailand
  5. “Hormones” is a TV Series about Thai Teenagers
  6. Why “Asiatique The Riverfront” has banned me from their Facebook Page
  7. Topless Songkran Girls on Samui
  8. Thai Monk Caught with his Pants Down
  9. Top 10 Thai People with the Most Followers on Instagram
  10. British Tourist Wearing a Mankini in Chiang Mai Shocks Thai Netizens

  1. ASIATIQUE The Riverfront is the new Suan Lum Night Bazaar
  2. Map of Places they visited in Hangover 2 in Bangkok and Thailand
  3. 10 Floating Markets around Bangkok
  4. MEGA Bangna is a new shopping mall near Suvarnabhumi Airport
  5. Hangover 2 was filmed at Lebua at State Tower Hotel in Bangkok
  6. “Art in Paradise” – 3D Art Gallery in Pattaya
  7. List of Top 10 Scams in Bangkok and Thailand
  8. How bad is the oil spill on Koh Samet?
  9. New Chiang Mai-Luang Prabang bus route
  10. Sunflower Fields in Saraburi and Lopburi

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  1. Talk about a misleading title, I clicked through from my RSS reader thinking I was going to read a ]] List of Recent Popular Thai Blogs, instead what I read was a List of Recent Popular Posts From Richard Barrow dot com.

    Gaming Google Richard? 😉

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