How to Solve Traffic Problems in Bangkok

How to Solve Traffic Problems in Bangkok

There has been a lot in the news lately about ways to solve traffic problems in Bangkok. One traffic cop came up with the idea of banning older cars from entering Bangkok, or at least getting the drivers to pay the same tax as new cars if they live in Bangkok. Another idea was to charge per minute for the time your car is broken down and blocking the streets of Bangkok. Other new laws have also been discussed. In my opinion, this picture tweeted by @BangkokPastor clearly shows what is wrong with traffic in Bangkok. Basically lawlessness! Half the time people do what they like and the police don’t seem to have any interest in enforcing the laws that they have.


You may think that parking illegally on the sidewalk has nothing to do with traffic problems, but it does. If the pavements in Bangkok are full with vendors selling food or with parked cars, then the pedestrians have no choice but to walk on the road. This then leads to cars having to slow down or change lanes. The same goes for illegally parked cars. Other problems include people going through red lights when their exit is not clear, queue jumping when doing u-turns, buses dropping off passengers in the middle of the road, people constantly changing lanes and motorcycles driving everywhere including in the wrong direction.

Many politicians in the past have promised to solve Bangkok’s traffic problems. Sometimes, building overpass bridges and more skytrain routes have helped. But, as fast as the road clears, the quicker they fill up with even more cars. The government’s first time buyer’s scheme obviously didn’t help this problem.

What do you think can be done to solve the traffic problem in Bangkok?

6 thoughts on “How to Solve Traffic Problems in Bangkok

  1. Lawlessness is the answer. People have to want to follow law? You will hear this is Thailand yes Thailand. A Thai driving permit is an de-investment foreigners should not drive in Thailand. the (rules of the road) are passed by the King in this government form and all laws.

  2. They should set up hawker centres like in Singapore for the cconvenience of everyone and to clear congestion on the pedestrial path.

  3. Simply obeying and enforcing traffic laws would go a long way to alleviate traffic problems.

    Buses would be no problem if cars, motos and taxis weren’t blocking them from getting them curbside.

  4. First I reckon stop taxis to roam around BKK and park in the busy roads waiting for customers, this really blocks the road especially in front of shopping malls. We should have taxi on call system. Then I think many bus stops should not be a stop as they are in appropriate spots that block traffic badly, but they are just to facilitate people. People need to walk more and sacrifice some convenience. And maybe buses dont need to run on every single road. Or perhaps some roads keep for buses, some for cars.
    I wish BKK could come up with a solution to stop cars driving into BKK, hopefully the skytrain will be it when it is done. i still drive into BKK when I have business there although I hate doing that.

  5. It will not be only Bangkok having the problem, slowly it will get worse in other provinces as well in Thailand. And recently the government giving incentive for those who buy new car make thing worse, though it has stop now.
    Proper, effective Public transport is a key to success . In order to make it happen, the public transportation must be convenient, effective and cheap, so it can discourage people from using cars.
    I am proud to say that Singapore act every early to stop traffic congestion. Many Singaporean do complain about incredible car price where you need to bid for a COE (Certificate of Entitlement) before you can own a car, and sometimes price of COE (piece of certificate) can buy you 2 cars in Thailand.
    However, I am OK, I did not own a car back in Singapore, but whenever I want to go any where, I can take a bus, by MRT train, or taxi. It is so convenient. I will like to own a car and I think I can afford a car even it is very expensive, but Singapore is such a small country, I am willing to give priority to those who need a car due to nature of job or those that are super rich. I can choose between travel cheap (by bus, MRT) or expensive (taxi) whenever I want.
    Staying in Thailand is kind of difficult, you don’t want to own a car because of the traffic, but if you don’t own a car, travelling around can be a pain in the ass. I am staying in Ayutthaya, the traffic is getting heavy day by day, if you get back to your apartment late, you probably don’t find a place to park, even you back early to park, the next day you will find yourself having the push cars around in order for your car to get out. You don’t have a car, there isn’t any Taxi around, just motor cycle transport (dangerous) and it is a one to one service, it actually not very cheap.
    So in order for rescuing the traffic, you need to take care of the public transport first.
    I actually cannot imagine what will BBK traffic look like in the next 5 to 10 years. And I seriously don’t think Thai government going to do anything about it.

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