Confirmed Prices for iPhone5s and 5c in Thailand

Confirmed Prices for iPhone5s and 5c in Thailand


The official launch of iPhone 5s and 5c in Thailand will take place on Friday 25th October 2013. Up to now, people have been registering to buy these devices without knowing the price. But these have now been officially released by the main carriers. These prices are from TrueMove. Others should be the same:

iPhone 5s (with package): 16GB 23,900B | 32 GB 27,500B | 64GB 30,900
iPhone 5s (without package): 16GB 24,500B | 32 GB 28,300B | 64GB 31,900B

iPhone 5c (with package): 16GB 19,900B | 32 GB 23,900
iPhone 5c (without package): 16GB 20,700B | 32GB 24,500B


4 thoughts on “Confirmed Prices for iPhone5s and 5c in Thailand

    1. This has been a nightmare registering. I logged on at 9am and the gold 64gb was available and then click to confirm (pick up at centralworld) and it would go back to the main screem. No confirmation by sms or email. Tried again and yes available and again confirmed and back to main screen. Called AIS and they said sold out BUT luckily i had the screen shot and emailed this to them. Lets see what happens………

      1. I hope you have an inside pocket and don’t use the phone in public! It’d be like waving a 3-baht gold necklace around. 😮

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