Promo Code for Watching 365Sport

Promo Code for Watching 365Sport


Ever since TrueVisions lost the rights to the English Premier League, people have been trying to find an alternative way of watching the matches. For football fans in Thailand, they were supposed to switch to CTH. But, due to the mishandling by the people in the call center and limitations of where it could be watched, many people were left disappointed. This is where 365Sport stepped in with their IPTV service.

Now, as we all now, it is possible to watch many channels from around the world for free using IPTV. But, there are often limitations such as bad quality pictures, buffering and most importantly, time zone problems. But, with 365Sport, they have a subscription service with servers in Thailand that cuts down on the buffering problem. They also boast HD quality pictures and most importantly they have 3-days on demand. This means if there are two matches at the same time, you can watch the second one at any time you like.

Subscriptions fees have just been announced but the FREE trials continue until Friday 6th September 2013. So, be quick to test them out to see if you like it before paying any money.

Subscription fees:

Monthly: 600THB + 300THB one time setup fee
Quarterly: 1740THB + 200THB one time setup fee
Semi Annually: 3300THB + 100THB one time setup fee
Annually: 6000THB (no setup fee)

If you are interested  in signing up, DON’T pay these prices as I have a special promo code for you that gives you the annual subscription for only 3,999 Baht. That works out at only 333 Baht per month or 11 Baht per day! But, you will have to be quick as this promo code runs out on 30th September 2013.

PROMO CODE: 365SPORT1  <<< This is promo code if you pay yearly

If you are using 365Sport already, then please share with us in the comments your thoughts on this service.

3 thoughts on “Promo Code for Watching 365Sport

  1. your having laugh aren’t you. I have tried to part with my dosh at least ten times but I get nowhere. What a tosspot setup. Must be the same guys that set up the website for Obamacare. Is this a real business?

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