Popular Bangkok News Site Steals My Pictures

Popular Bangkok News Site Steals My Pictures


There is a popular news site called Coconuts Bangkok which reports a lot about what is happening in Thailand. They have some original content but most of it these days just seems to be rewrites of stories taken from other websites. I used to retweet their stuff a lot but it got to the point that I would rather tweet to the original source than their rewrite. However, their strength in my opinion is when they translate news from the Thai language papers. After all, we all read the Bangkok Post and The National already.


When they rewrite a story, they usually mention the source which is good. However, they have started to get a reputation recently of taking stuff without asking permission. Today I was a victim of this. This evening I noticed a picture of the Car Free Day rally on Facebook. It looked familiar. It then appeared on another Facebook page elsewhere. Looking closely I realized that it was my picture but my copyright notice had been cut off.


It turns out that Coconuts Bangkok took my pictures without permission and then cut off my name. They then posted this on their website and Facebook page. Other people then took this cropped version from their website and posted it on their Facebook page. Which means that I have now lost control of my own pictures.


What do you think I should do about this? Ignore it and let them get away with it or demand a full and public apology?

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  1. Demand payment and name credit, or insist they are removed immediately with apology. They have knowingly infringed on your copyright. Don’t let them get away with it.

  2. I to noticed an increase in their rewrites and yes, they owe you an apology for not only using your photo but also cropping your watermark.

    But come on Richard, “I have now lost control of my own pictures.” – you lost control as soon as you published them. Rightly or wrongly, that is the nature of the beast that is the modern internet.

      1. Unfortunate. This blog post you wrote about it will certainly hurt the site’s reputation, which helps you feel better, but have you taken any real action to try and get matters resolved? Have you contacted the admins of the web site to ask them to remove your photos? Also, have you tried contacting their web hosting company about the copyright violation to see if they will assist if getting your photos removed from the site? I would take some action since you seem rather upset. Best wishes…

        1. After all the publicity, they have now removed my photos. I noticed they have now started to credit pictures they take from other websites. So, at least some good has come out of this and hopefully will be a lesson for all.

          I am not sure why you think I was angry or upset. I was just disappointed in this website that I previously had a lot of respect for. I’ve now moved on. No need to take any legal action. Life is too short for that kind of thing.

  3. I wish you would pursue a legal remedy! This is over the top and needs to be addressed and some restitution should be awarded to you and to send a message!

  4. Richard, I think you should find a contact from Coconut Bangkok and ask your readers to show support for you by emailing a complaint to them. If they get sufficient complainants, they will respond and certainly think twice before doing so again. Best of luck, behind you all the way. James

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