Maige TV – An IPTV Service in Thailand

Maige TV – An IPTV Service in Thailand


Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered over the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats. There are many ways you can watch IPTV. Some are even free. But free comes at a cost of not being so easy to find or convenient to use. To make it easier, several companies collect these channels together and present with a more user-friendly menu. I have already talked about 365Sport and ThaiExaptTV which are subscription services. Today I’m going to talk about Maige TV.

UPDATE: My Experience of Using Maige Internet TV in Thailand <<<== My review after using this service

Maige TV comes from China. You basically get a box with a remote control that you plug into your TV. You then have a number of English language channels like HBO, CNN, National Geographic and also thousands of videos on demand. It is not possible for me to have a free trial of this as you have to buy the box for 14,500 Baht which includes 12 months subscription. It then costs you 6,000 Baht per year which is about 500 Baht per month. Geoff Lever, who is a visitor to my blog, sent me his experience. He at first was interested in buying the Super English IPTV box and Thai IpTv box. But they were out of stock.

“I then had a call from satellitetv-Thailand saying they had just received a new stock of the Maige box, this box has all the Astro Sports channels plus various other Sports channels. They strongly recommended this box over the Thai Iptv box (which apparently only works in Thailand. The Maige box can be used anywhere in The World and is capable of being used with wi-fi (with the use of a wireless 802.11n usb adaptor dongle priced at 690 baht. So I took their advice and bought The Maige Box plus WiFi adapter. I received the box a couple of days later by EMS to the Pattaya Post Office in Naklua, Cash on delivery.

“The box was unpacked and plugged into mains, then plugged in my network cable from my router, then connected the HDMI cable to the TV and hey presto everything was fine. The only thing that was a little awkward at first was learning how to use the remote which mainly had Chinese symbols, but this took only a few hours messing about to fathom out which button did what. The picture quality has been excellent so far. I have it working at the moment in the WiFi mode in the same room as my router and it works just as good as with the wired connection. There are no instructions that come with the unit but common sense usually prevails. During the next day or so I will take the box into another room and connect to another TV and use wifi to see if any degradation in the quality of service.”

In Thailand, there seems to be two “authorized agents” for the Maige TV box. They are and They both advertise the same prices. I need to be clear here, they are agents that re-sell the box and services from China. If they go bankrupt then you might not be able to renew your subscription and will end up with a box that cannot do anything. There’s another website called that seems to be a China based source for this box. The official website seems to be though it is only in Chinese.

If you want to watch the English Premier League but are unable to use CTH then this might be another option. It has all the AstroSports channels. Like I said, I haven’t used this service and so I will have to rely on visitors to my site to give honest reviews. If you have a Maige TV box then please post in the comments with your experiences. Good or bad.

UPDATE: My Experience of Using Maige Internet TV in Thailand

154 thoughts on “Maige TV – An IPTV Service in Thailand

  1. Half time, so I give you a quick update:

    1) Yes, this is a China bought set. My china colleague return from his home leave and brought it over, his also bought one.
    2) We got a first scare, when the set show message “This set is forbidden to use in your region”.
    3) My colleague went to get contact to his agent back in China, already 5:30pm and 6:30pm China time, I am quite worry that we cannot get a reply immediately as it is Saturday & late evening. However within 5 min, the agent want us to him our MAC address, he remotely help us unlock (because this set is start up in China, and it is lock automatically). Within 10 min, both sets got back in service.
    4) I am impress how fast the China agent reponse and help us up with minutes. This is what we want for “after sale service”.
    5) To mike. It come with a Wifi adaptor, but I did not use, I plug it to my router port direct, they are just about 1.2m away.
    6) Basically you don’t need to do any installation, plug in the HDMI, plug in the LAN cable, turn on the power, that is !
    7) Some background, I am using TOT ISP. If I am not wrong, it is a 8M speed, base on my download speed when I use BT downloading of getting 800kb/s normally.
    OK, sorry, match resume…update later

    1. 2) We got a first scare, when the set show message “This set is forbidden to use in your region”.

      This mean your box is on china server ( hence region problem )
      but your dealer open access to china server .


      If it was global server the messege would say ( network error )

      No i dont need to remove the warning cos our box is global server and pre_installed english – So it is correct

      Last month Maige Tv – Cut off service to 500 box on china server outside of china and cheap price box Just send them a email and ask they will cut outside region box if they find out !!

      You will see later

  2. Now, it is confirm that all my informations are correct.
    My worry in the past 2~3 weeks, the stress & the time spend searching in websites & all the butterflies in the stomach has over and left, thanks but no thanks to IPTV Thailand misleading “warning”.

    I want to tell everyone who want to watch EPL, you will not disappoint with this Maige TV, you can get from anywhere, anyone you like, just but, even get from James, never mind, just get this set, I believe your overall spending will be less than what u get from CTH in long run, which unfortuantely most of us here has bad experience with the CTH.

    I sincerely hope that IPTV Thailand remove their “Warning” from their websites, I give them the benefit of doubt that they are mislead by their china distributor. Turn your emphasize on service, before & after sale, this should definitely be a win win situation.

    I will review on the number of English channels available on this set later.

    1. 2) We got a first scare, when the set show message “This set is forbidden to use in your region”.

      This mean your box is on china server ( hence region problem )
      but your dealer open access to china server .


      If it was global server the messege would say ( network error )

      No i dont need to remove the warning cos our box is global server and pre_installed english – So it is correct

      Last month Maige Tv – Cut off service to 500 box on china server outside of china and cheap price box Just send them a email and ask they will cut outside region box if they find out !!

      You will see later

      1. I must warn you do not post your mac address on this website if it is a region box from china it will get disconnected so you have been warned not to post that so please dont test me on this it will 1000% get disconnected and your dealer will be cut off for supply china box outside china .


    2. @ Anthony

      Please do not post the chinese channels on this website or this website will be in danger of being closed by TVB Hong kong please dont do it just say how many channels and leave at that. Last Month TVB Hong do close 4 of our Maige Tv websites for advertising TVB so dont do it please .

      If anyone wants a channels list PDF format we can supply or you can find it in a round of way at

      Hence why Maige do not show or advertise the channels
      we take all the risk and not them Ok

      1. Ya, all right, after you keep mentioning this set is not “pirated”, so thank for reminding we keep secret.
        Use google translate for the following message from Offical Maige TV, do your homework.


  3. Hi Anthony,

    Can I ask you, is the menu in English ? The main page after start-up (the blue) page and the welcome message .


    1. Strap,

      The menu is in Chinese, but go to the setup page, you can change to English. It could be difficult if you don’t know Chinese. I can guide anyone who need it.

  4. Also my remote is in Chinese, I believe that English remote control can be request when ordering.
    I am also happy to help any who need to translate the remote.

    1. Hello Anthony,
      I think most people who are using a Maige set have problems with te Chinese remote.
      me to, maybe you can put somewhere on the net a downloadable and printable
      translated in English version off the remote.
      at least i would apreaciate it.
      (sorry for my bad English).
      Regards Henry.

  5. To James,
    I get very sick on your contiune threatening. You only concern your personal business interest. I have even said afterward, it is OK to buy from you because it is such a good TV Box, even long I have read some very negative comments on your service in other forum.

    I have already take this directly to offical Maige TV websites. For so many search in the Chinese websites, include the offical site, there aren’t any rules that what you have mention.

    I have just receive a reply from a user in the offical Maige TV forum(oversea user section) that you need to activate the oversea account if you once use in China. It is totally nothing wrong with it. This is not the “Cheapsake” china set you mention, totally rubbish.
    I can always skip mention about this, but I want to be honest in this forum on everyting I encounter during my installation, what you only interested is the opportunity to get to discredit this purchase.

    What I learn is that only if you try to go thru some VPN stuff whatsoever to make your set able to watch some contents you are not suppose to watch in that country, or try to hack the system to extend your yearly subscription fee, once detected, then Maige TV will block your box.

    It may be true that at some point, Maige TV may only allow oversea set to only renew yearly fee thru local agents.

    If Maige TV want to block the service from me, I will not hestiate take action to them. They can only do it once thay set the rules right & clear. And should only apply after the rules are set right, and should only affect new buyer. Otherwise this will affect many many user who bought in China and brought out of the country to use, or go thru oversea order from oversea without going thru local agents.
    DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the power of Chinese all over the world what we can do to affect a company reputation if we are unfairly deal with.

    I restrict myself many times to use harsh word on you, but this time, I want to say, you are totally rubbish, bully, bad loser.
    Do I have nothing better to do and publish MAC address here, who want to see the MAC address in the forum. So you always like the number 500, “you have 500 set in stock, and 2 set left”, “500 set being disconnect” blah blah, everything only prove you only targeting any chances to further your threaten stand, so navie comment.
    And yes, you are one of the agent among the world selling much higher than offical price.

  6. Hi Richard,
    After some thought, I decide that my review of the Maige TV end here. I think I have put in some details how is the set perform.

    I got very stress having to argue with some dealer over here, I am sorry if it leave some bad taste over such a good blog here.

    Maige TV = Highly recommended, though it is actually mean more for oversea Chinese all over the world.

    Thank You every one here.

    1. Thanks very much Anthony for your input. It is much appreciated. I think it is right people should have the opportunity to buy the box from any dealer they want. It would be very wrong of me to promote people to buy from “James” when there is an alternative. We are all adults. We know there are always risks in these kinds of transactions. I would like to thank “James” (the dealer in Thailand) for his input here. But, at the end of the day, the choice of where to buy belongs to the visitor to my blogs.

      For myself, I am still waiting to decide. Strap bought his box from “James” the other day and I’m interested in hearing from him too before I make my final decision.

      1. @ Richard

        Maybe you should think about Season Tv box as it has all same channels as Maige Tv and is Andriod Based so your not left with a dead box you can do so much more with season box you also get apps pre_installed like filmon with over 500 channels for free and apps like facebook skype twitter netflix and so on you can also watch sky sports 1 2 3 4 from uk and get all bbc and itv uk channels for free so not only does it do what maige tv does it also is fully independent from provider and users can do there own things with this box and its also can be used as a mobile pc with built in wifi .

        Maaybe you should open a review about season tv as this will become very popular around the world

  7. Hi Guy’s

    Buy your Maige Tv from our Company

    We now have New Model Avaliable

    Server : Unlocked Global Server
    Menu Multi : English / Chinese / Japanese
    Remote : English
    NO VPN Required : Global Version

    If you buy from china you get chinese Remote / and china server

    Please dont be confused they are totally different Models

    If you have a China model / tonight we have Chinese remote in stock
    you can order online for 1’200 baht

    We can also upgrade your server to global Internation for 6’000 baht
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  8. Hi. I purchased an English super IP TV a little over a month ago. I loved the idea of this box and it has all the channels I wanted. But unfortunately I can rarely watch anything for more than a few min and then the channel “freezes” Watching premier league or a movie this way will make anyone go nuts. Sometimes a few of the channels will ot even appear. Occasionally a few channels works okay but rarely without freezing up from time to time. I have a 20 mbps Internet connection from True and I have switched the connection to the ip tv box from wi fi to LAN in hopes that it would approve. But it does not.

    What can I do to make this better because the concept is great. Will the Maige box work better?


    Allan Ottesen

    1. @ Allan

      The super english iptv is not a good product it is very poorly put together and picture quality is not good . My advise would be to buy the Maige Tv box Version 3 with english remote the picture quality is superb and you will get no buffering or freeze as this has global multipule servers around world and as a bonus you also get VOD movies free

  9. Thank you for your reply. I didn’t know all that when i purchased the product only 1 month ago. Is there anything you can do for me? I purchased it of which i think is your company.


    Allan Ottesen

    1. @ Allan

      Send us a email
      we can sort something out for you and give you option to upgrade to Maige Tv as it is performance wise much better product / some are happy with the super iptv english but after careful consideration we have removed this product from our websites as we dont want our company blackend due to bad product .

    1. @ Stap

      Vesrion 2 = Chinese Language / chinse remote / china server
      and limited channels some may require VPN to view

      Version 2 = English Language / English Remote / Global Server
      no VPN is required fuly open International

      @ Srap your box is Version 3 / we have english remotes on they way as a optional extra when they arrive i will give you a remote for free

      Anyone else who has purchased a Maige Tv Box from our Company
      we shall exchange all remotes FREE OF CHARGE for English Remote


      1. Thanks for the Info, wasn’t sure about the Versions .
        Looking forward to making another purchase soon also.


      1. I gave up from contacting their support. If they are this bad at answering questions before I buy it, imagine what it would be like after I bought the box. There is no way I am going to spend more than 14,000 Baht if they don’t answer their support. So in the end I bought from China which was much cheaper. I’m very happy now.

        1. “If they are this bad at answering questions before I buy it, imagine what it would be like after I bought the box.” – this is exactly what I think about Satellite TV Thailand.

          John, please inform, if the Maige TV you bought from China came with English Remote and English menus. How much did you pay?

          1. Sometimes their advertisement tactics make me “laugh”. Laughable is already a gentle word to use.
            I am following very closely to the official forum. When SateliteTV told one of the visitor here, Strap, that he has the Ver3, I just want to…Em…you know. My understanding is there isn’t any Version 3, you get the box, is printed at the box HD2, Version 2. Currently Ver2, firmware is at V1.22, that all.
            Maige produce English Remote in batch by batch basic, probably you have to wait if you want to. One of the visitor here did mention there isn’t any big issue using a chinese remote. I found myself using only a few buttons so far, I never look at the wordings of the remote now after I get use to it.
            English menus, is just a Language selection at the setup page, if I remember correctly, there are now English, Chinese & Japanese language.
            Take note that the Program list still mostly in Chinese, unless it is a English program.I quote “their” word “Be warned”, a quote I hate so much in their website.
            I never miss any Liverpool game so far, but not all in Astro which has English commentary. I at time has to catch game in Chinese/HongKong/Japan channel, but you should find one telecast Live, but you need to try and error because Chinese channel is in Chinese script, and Japan channel sometime don’t even has program name, just blank. But the good thing is, Sport channels are group together, so not too difficult to find.
            Next, about the Server thing. No such thing as Version 2 is Chinese Server, because you can’t even start up with Chinese version. However, so far during my use of Maige, in the main page, it will prompt message time to time. At 1 time, it read “North American server maintenance, users there will be temporary switch to Mainland Server” which is China server.There is a time the system allow you to log into China server, temporary, even you are in a Global server mode.
            The reason of having a China & Global server is more to limit users in China to watch channels that are not suppose to watch in China, can be due to copy right issue or sensitive contents. This is to prevent MaigeTV getting into trouble with the Chinese authority which has a more strict censorship.It is this and not the other way round.

            It is always true that, a satisfy user normally don’t give much feedback, a unhappy user will always make more noise.
            I am a happy user so far. My advise is, get the Box fast, the faster you get it, the longer you can enjoy it, because no matter how much Maige TV promise about they are legal, has licence this and that, I never 100% believe in this internet world which people explore into loop hole to claim this and that, so who know…

            Cheer !

        2. You can get us with 24/7 support on our skype
          If you contact our id satellitetvthailand you have 24/7 support even 3am in morning will answer you .

          Or you can also post your questions in our support forum
          at and we shall answer

          or you can SMS the phone 08 3914 2939 and we shall call you back within 1 or hrs

          We offer the best support around so many ways to contact us

          Satellite Tv Thailand

  10. I bought my Maige TV box from China. I have used it over a month so far, and have been very satisfied with it. I did not miss any LIVE EPL matches since. In fact I has too much football that I actually fell asleep while watching Real Madrid Vs Barcelona. There are always matches replay in the day time so you can actually catch them later if you want to.

    Surprisely, I found the streaming quality even better than I use to watch from TRUE channel thru TV anneta.

    This Box maybe tailor make for Chinese all over the world, but I think it is still worth for non-Chinese user as there are still plentyfull of English News Channels, English Documentary channels, as well as English Movie Channels, and don’t forget there is a VOD section where plenty of English moive and TV Series to choose from. However the big point is still the Sport channel, and if you are football and EPL fans, it is already value for money.

    Strongly recommended, but not recommended to buy from the Thailand IPTV group which their bussiness ethics are seriously, very very questionable.

    1. We offer best support and a 1 year warranty and english remote and menu
      you dont get that from china lets hope your box dont go faulty as many do since its electronics that will cost you $$$ to send back !!

      Its upto you where you buy and if you want save a few baht

      but common sense should tell you buy in the country where you stay
      for support and warranty its worth the extra baht .

      The choice is yours but dont come back and complain later to me
      as so many send me emails about poor china support and chinese remote and blank channels ??

      There is a big difference

      We also ship cash on delivery nobody else will do that
      and it take us 2 months to get the funds back from post office

      We also offer 7 day Money Back / u not get that anywhere else either

      Satellite Tv Thailand

  11. Thanks for all your comments and feedback. It has been very helpful to me in my decision as to whether to buy the Maige TV box. I have decided to go ahead. Some people above mentioned it was cheaper to buy in China. I decided not to do that. From past experience in doing that kind of thing, I know there is no point in saving a few thousand Baht at the start and then getting a lot of heartache later when things go wrong. Plus, you never know with Thai customs how much they will charge you. And so I bought from Satellite Tv Thailand. I will do a proper review after a week or so but I must say it is really plug and play. Plugged it into my TV and got everything running straight away.

    I will close this comment thread and will do a new blog with my personal review of the Maige TV box soon.

    Click here for my review:

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