How to Watch ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport on your TV

How to Watch ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport on your TV


So many people keep asking me how I watch ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport on my big screen TV that I thought it would be easier just to write a blog about it. Other people might have other ways of doing this, but this is my own experience. The normal way to watch these IPTV services is on your computer. However, as I work on my computer all day, this was never a good option for me. Plus, I never found the quality of the streaming video as good on my computer as it is on my LCD TV. If you have an old computer then you might find it better to stream to your TV instead.

I use two different ways of watching these two IPTV services on my LCD TV. The first is by using my Apple TV. Despite the name, this is not a TV in itself but a small black box which fits nicely into the palm of your hand. If you already have an iPhone or iPad then you probably know about Air Play. This enables you to mirror or stream anything that you see on your iPhone/iPad onto your big screen TV. The Apply TV connects to your TV with HDMI leads. Your iPhone/iPad device then connects to the Apple TV via WiFi. When I bought the latest iPad I kept my iPad 1 as it is useful for this and other things. An Apple TV costs 3,800 Baht in Thailand. I am told that you can stream from an Android device to Apple TV as well.

The second way I watch ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport is by using an Android box. Both of these services sell Android boxes for 3,999 Baht. To be clear, if you subscribe to both IPTV services you don’t need to buy both boxes! In fact, if you already have an Android box or any other box that has a browser like Chrome then you don’t need to buy anything more. The way this works is that I plug my Android box into my LCD TV using a HDMI cable. The box then connects to the Internet via WiFi, though like the Apple TV you can also plug it into your network. The android box comes with a wireless mouse. Use this to open the browser and type in the web address of either or both of these IPTV services. On the next screen enter your username and password and you are good to go. It’s that simple.

Some people have asked me which of the two boxes I prefer. Really, they are much the same, but as I have an iPhone/iPad the Apple TV is more convenient for me. I have two of these devices. One in my bedroom and one in the living room. The Android box is in my office. If you have any experiences of using ThaiExpatTV or 365Sport please share information on your set-up in the comments below. In a separate blog, I will write about other IPTV services.

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  1. For watching these services on your ipad but specially if you use your ipad for streaming through your apple tv to your big screen it is better to disable your auto -lock on your ipad : Settings//Auto-Lock /Never. .Otherwise the stream will stop the moment the ipad goes into lock mode. If u hold the ipad it will not happen much but if u stream and nor touch the ipad it will.

    1. Have already shelled out 3600 on an android box and may trying 365 sports for a month. So far so ok, but it does buffer a little too much for my liking, and that’s on pre-records. Haven’t tried a live game yet. Does chromecast work any better?

  2. I don’t have any Apple hardware and after starting to subscribe to Thaiexpattv services last year I wanted watch it on my 40″ Sony TV I ended up using the Intel WiDi chip on my Samsung Notebook PC to connect wirelessly to a Belkin Screencast box which plugs in to a no name remote control HDMI source switch which plugs in to the HDMI port on the TV. It works perfectly running Thai software on the notebook and the remote copntrol HDMI switch makes it easy to switch between Truevisions and Thai Expat tv without moving. You can also use the TV as a monitor in this way but I have noticed that it doesn’t like running games. I find the arrangement to work very well and is particularly useful if its raining and the Truevisions signal is lost or bad. Whether this set up works for you probably depends on whether you have a notebook with a WiDi chip on it

  3. I’m curious about one thing – if you have an internet-ready TV, with its own browser and WiFi signal, could you just call up the IPTV address for ThaiExpat TV and watch it directly through your TV’s browser? I am going to buy my first TV with internet/WiFi, etc., this coming week and I have no idea what I will need to do, but I am more or less sure that the new apartment (like the old one) won’t have CTH, so I will have to get one of these IPTV monthly subscriptions to watch the footie. I am leaning toward getting both ThaiExpat and 365, as the combined fee would be about 1/2 what I pay now for True Platinum and I only watch 2 channels lol. Anyway, thanks for any advice about the internet TV situation.

    1. You are right, I didn’t think about that. I can confirm that a smart TV with a browser can play ThaiExpatTV. A bit more fiddly but doable. Seems to remember the password too after I turn it off and on again.

      1. Hi Richard,
        Thai expat TV are being less than helpful and you are the only person on the internet I can find who seems to know about this, so I have a question! So, I am about to sign up to Thai expat TV and I’m in the market for a new TV at the same time, so it would be good if I could just get a smart TV and watch direct through that. But I think I’d need to select their mobile package, not their windows package. From your comment above, are you saying there’s a difference in the features, or did you mean something else? I have done a trial with the windows version and it was very good, but it would just be much easier to watch direct through the TV than have to hook up my laptop.
        Thanks so much!

        1. I have the mobile package that I use on my iPad etc. I can use the same username/password to log in with the browser on my smart TV. You can also use a browser on an Android device if you don’t have a smart TV.

  4. Chromecast is mentioned, but it doesn’t mention how to make it work with Thai Expat TV., does anyone have any idea ?

  5. Hi Richard

    I have an Apple Mac Book Pro and 42 inch LCD TV and am living in Surin.

    I want access to Sky Sports Boxing and Welsh Rugby primarily for the next few months, help!

    Kind Regards.

  6. hi
    i have just installed the 2 day trial on my laptop and i have plugged it in to my TV via HDMI but the sound only comes through my laptop and not my tv, is this normal or is there a way around this??


  7. Hi

    So I take it that if Thai.UK TV works through the internet enabled TV then will 365sport also as easily?? When I asked the question to 365 they said it was not currently possible.


  8. Just like to say that the Android topbox is alright, but the thaiexpat tv app is really bad. For example the GUI is really unfriendly, you have to buffer for at least 5+ minutes to be able to watch anything without interruptions and I have a 10+ megabit download speed. If you start to watch a programe and then decide to watch something else, to stop that programe you have to quit thaiexpat and start again because the first prog can still be seen behind the channel menu page and makes the timetable really hard to read. The PC version is much much better with lots of features that work. Is there any plans to upgrade the Android app to match the PC version?

      1. Yes its the Android app which came loaded and it’s V 0.35 which I would think is the latest version, but I will ask support.

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