Watch English Premier League On Demand and Online with 365Sport

Watch English Premier League On Demand and Online with 365Sport

When people first heard that CTH had beaten TrueVisions to buy the rights to the English Premier League they were very excited. At long last there was an alternative to the True monopoly. But this joy was short lived when it soon became obvious that newcomer on the block CTH were just as bad if not worse as True. Many people complained about lack of details of the packages and a call center that never picked up or were rude. And when people got through they had to wait weeks if not months for them to be connected. Now CTH has admitted that some people might not even have the box in time for the kick-off.

So, what is the alternative if you find yourself in this position or if you are in a building that doesn’t allow you to change cable operators or fix a satellite dish outside your window? Well, the answer is IPTV. There are now literally hundreds of channels available for free on the Internet. As long as you have fast and reliable Internet you should be able to stream these channels live on your computer. I’ve told you before about ThaiExpatTV that streams British TV into your living room for a monthly subscription. Now comes 365SportTV with five dedicated sports channels.

What makes these two services better than other IPTV products is that the servers are here in Thailand. This cuts down on the problem of buffering that you might otherwise see. In addition the quality of the picture is much better. However, what makes this service more worthwhile is that all programs will be on demand. This means that you can watch one match live and then another one, that was on at the same time, straight afterwards or even the next day. Like ThaiExpatTV you will be able to watch 365SportTV on your computer, either a Mac or PC, on your smartphone or on an Android box. I watch ThaiExpatTV on my big screen by using my iPhone together with an Apple TV. You will be able to do the same with 365SportTV.

The 365SportTV service starts this week and so I cannot give you a full review yet. However, the reason that I am writing about it now is that if you register your interest on the 365SportTV website today you will get these channels for FREE until 27th August 2013. After that date monthly subscription will be 600 Baht. This obviously means you will get to watch the opening matches of the season for free. That way you can decide if you want to continue or not. At the moment I don’t know exactly which matches will be shown. That announcement will come soon. In the meantime, here is what is available this weekend:


365 Sport Channel 3: 18:10-20:10 – Bolton Vs QPR (LIVE)
365 Sport Channel 2: 18:45-20:45 – Fulham Vs Arsenal (LIVE)
365 Sport Channel 3: 20:55-23:00 – Stoke City Vs Crystal Palace (LIVE)
365 Sport Channel 4: 20:55-23:00 – Newcastle Vs West Ham (LIVE)
365 Sport Channel 1: 21:00- 23:00 – Everton Vs West Brom (LIVE)
365 Sport Channel 2: 21:00-23:00 – Southampton Vs Sunderland (LIVE)
365 Sport Channel 2: 23:30 – 01:30 – Aston Villa Vs Liverpool


365 Sport Channel 1: 21:55-23:55 – Tottenham Vs Swansea
365 Sport Channel 2: 22:00-00:00 – Cardiff City Vs Manchester City


365 Sport Channel 2: 02:00-04:00 – Manchester United Vs Chelsea

Let me know in the comments what you think about this or other alternatives you have for watching these matches. Soon I will do a review of other IPTV services that you can use to watch literally hundreds of channels here in Thailand.


UPDATE: Wednesday 14th August – I have just received an email to download the player for Windows and Mac. A link for smart devices will come later. At the moment there is only one channel, 365 Sport TV 2. You get to choose from any of the programs from today. Presumably tomorrow you will get to choose from two days worth of TV and then so on. Eventually they are promising 7 days on demand. As you can see on this screenshot, the channel is Astro Supersport. A visitor to my blog was able to work out where each of their five channels come from:

Channel 1 = Fox Sports (Ch.812 on Astro)
Channel 2 = Astro Supersport (Ch.810)
Channel 3 = Astro Supersport 2 (Ch.811)
Channel 4 = Astro Supersport 3 (Ch.812)
Channel 5 = Star Sports (Ch.813)

It is not confirmed yet, but presumably you won’t be able to watch ALL the matches. Probably just the main ones. The email today also promised that more channels will come online over the weekend to cover the EPL matches as mentioned above.

UPDATE: Saturday 24th August – There are now 5 channels with HD quality. Subscription is 600B monthly with 300B set-up. Cheapest is 6,000B yearly & no set-up. Works only with Thai IP address. Free until midnight on Tuesday.

60 thoughts on “Watch English Premier League On Demand and Online with 365Sport

    1. Both players are down thai expat and the new sports package. The website is also down. No news no replys to emails? just paid for three months up front? whats happening??????????????

    1. JSAT use IPTV the same as this new sport service. The difference is that you only pay for their box and then you get all the channels for free without subscription. With 365Sport you have to pay a monthly subscription but there are two advantages: Their servers are in Thailand so less buffering and they will have 7 day on demand which means you can watch when you like. I will do a proper review on JSAT’s box soon.

  1. How do you Register and can you choose which match you want to see iam an Arsenal Fan and watch Arsenal ames can I watch the game this week against Villa and what do I have to do to get it on Thank you

    1. Click on the “register” button on their websites. About the matches this weeken, as you can see I have listed them above. As to how to get it, register first and they will email you with info.

  2. If the servers are based in Thailand and you are getting a picture ‘better’ than the SD picture you often get/got on the non-HD Truevisions channels, then the cost isn’t bad at all. But if the quality is like a stream from abroad, then it will not be worth it.

    For 600 baht for 5 sports channels, I think people will demand near HD quality to make it value for money, especially with other competition around and more to follow in the future.

    I cannot find any link to Bet365, so I am curious to know who the parent company is. Is this a serious operation or a fly-by-night operation?

    1. Scott, those are good questions and concerns. About the quality, we will have to wait and see as trials do not start until mid-week. About whether 600 Baht is worth 5 channels of sports is purely up to your own decision. How much sport do you watch? Is there enough of what you want to justify this? They have announced that they will do discounts if you pay for a year, but like you said, can we trust them to still be around this time next year? Again, you have to make that decision. The only reason that I have brought this to the attention of readers of my blog is to offer an alternative for people who cannot change their cable operator or fix a satellite dish outside their window. Choice is good but it obviously has to be informed. The jury is still out on this one.

  3. Looking at the expat tv site setup and this one, I can see many similarities, so it seems likely that it’s the same people. That being the case, I think they should offer the choice of either (as they appear to now)at 600 baht, or bundle the two together for about 800-900 baht. At that price they may be able to compete with CTH for UK expats. But, at 1,200 baht for the two packages, which are not in HD nor guaranteed to be around long-term, they should surely look at a more realistic price structure.

    HD quality streams from a local server via CTH are on the horizon. I think that’s biggest plus at the moment is that that they can access British TV which is a bonus for things like the FIA World Cup (2014) and the Olympics (2016) which are not always easy to follow for many expats here.

    Anyway, there is hope for us condo dwellers …

  4. Thanks for posting about this Richard. I have got the trial and so far it is great, a real God send as I do not even have tv hooked up in my apartment. I will gladly pay 600bht, I am just hoping it will last the whole season.

  5. I have registered my interest in the free trial and so far I have not heard anything back. If this is a serious operation, I’m sure they would want as many customers as possible. Just glad I never had to exchange any money. Who knows, maybe they have a backlog of more than a day. I always have been impatient.

    Fingers crossed

    1. Adam, please send a support ticket if you still cannot receive the channels, Yes we have had a major backlog. Please cantact us if you cannot watch.


  6. I have downloaded and set up the expat tv software free trial. It appears to work fine regarding the audio, but I don’t get any video.
    Back to Vip box then, at least all the football is on vipbox for free…
    BTW I keep asking people about download speeds. iptv say 2 or 5mb. are they meaning connection speed or download speed. for example a 2mb download speed would need a 20 mb connection??? Can anyone answer this


    1. Strange you don’t get any picture. Maybe something wrong withe the video card or driver? Have you contacted their support? To get minimal buffering you need to have download speeds of at least 2-3MB. If not sure then run a speed test.

      1. My internet connection speed is 18 mb.
        I contacted support and they suggested updating graphics driver, I checked on internet but a better driver could not be found. I have since uninstalled anyway, was not what I wanted.
        I have since spoke to IpTv Thailand and they have shipped me their Maige iptv box. I originally ordered the thai iptv box but they told me quite a few problems arise with that box.
        Hopefully I will receive the box in a few days now. I can watch football tonight on vipbox for free.


  7. Hey guys. Tried to download the sport365 but had probs. said I was missing MC…. Something or other. Emailed the support team and got a rapid response. Right now all is working and just watched first half of lpool match. Only negative is it looks like everton match is t on like it said earlier in the thread!! Boo!!
    Still buffers slightly but affects audio more than visual.

    1. I downloaded the bet 365 free package. I had it on all last night Sat 24th, on several occasions it just froze and I had to reboot my pc. After All the football I tried to shut my pc down but it just hung on the closing down stage. I have since uninstalled this program due to pc problems with it. The quality of the pictures on bet365 is nothing compared to the IpTv system I am using, the picture quality is excellent and over 60 english speaking channels. IpTv box from


      1. Geoff, the quality for me on the computer is not so good. Also the stream is not so reliable. But that depends a lot on the specs of your computer. For me I get a perfect picture on my 32 inch LCD screen via my iPhone and Android box. I rather not watch TV on my computer as I work on it all day.

        1. Agree, watching on Pc not too good. Thats why i am happy with IpTv on my 32” lcd. I also think 600 baht a month is rather high for 5 channels of sport that bet365 are offering. I have now terminated my true visions ku band satellite tv contract from the end of this month, that was nearly 1,600 baht per month. Everything seems to be changing to online tv these days, let us hope the internet doesn’t go down…

          1. Yes, all of my TV these days is either streaming or downloads. So nice to be able to put the TV wherever I like in the rooms these days! Just needs to be in range of the WiFi.

  8. I have just watched the first half of the Liverpool game on VipBox, all the games are shown here. I am surprised nobody else as mentioned this free service on you get a few adverts on start up and download offers but these can be closed down. No need to download anything.

  9. I agree, it’s a shame that everton have not been selected to be streamed as I’d imagine there’s more demand for that game than others.

    So far, so good in terms of the match. Pity it’s not a stream from BT sport as these pundits are not the best.

        1. You obviously didn’t see what I said previously. When I said you do not need to download anything. I made the same mistake earlier. just open, click on football and choose your game. Do not download anything, you don’t need any desktop applications. You need to uninstall that application.

  10. That’s good news Dennis. I think the only thing missing now is the HD or near HD quality picture. Once you have a stable version of that, I for one will be very impressed, and there are 4 more people at work who are giving the thumbs up too.


  11. Denis
    Is there a problem with the site? I had to uninstall the last version and when I went to download it says the site doesn’t exist??

  12. The website for seems to be down and the software is no longer working … is the beginning of the end before the end of beginning?

  13. How can I contact this CTH mob to get EPL?

    Are they a cable company and are they in Cha Am area?

    Don’t want Streaming Video over the Internet as local service too slow.

    Many thanks

  14. Hi…

    Do you know if only works in Thailand??
    I am in the UK and won’t let me log in?



  15. Well, after a promising start 365sport is looking less attractive as it has failed to do much of what it said it would, i.e. move up to 5 channels and offer an HD quality picture. The Fox picture looks decidedly worse than a week ago.

    Tempted at first, but it all seems pretty unprofessional and would rather download games via forums in near HD quality.

  16. Anyone know if anywhere has it on live in pattaya tonight??? looking for the everton game. i know its on 365sport but am going out

  17. Tried their OSX app last night, which had problems with audio playing to the Apple TV with airplay mirroring (video was fine, audio didn’t work). Woke up this morning and they had already updated their app and emailed me. Worked like a charm. I think this solves my Premier League problem. Thanks for the post Richard, good news on this solution.

  18. I’m on the brink of signing up for the 365 sports. The picture quality has been very good but there is something adrift with the sound. There’s a kind of jerkiness and I’m wondering if it might be my connection.I subscribe to TRUE 10M/512K (950 Baht)Also, if I get a box to connect to my telly will this worsen matters? How exactly does the computer connect to the TV?
    I hope someone can help to satisfy my ignorance.

    1. I personally don’t like watching it on the computer. Partly because it is not comfortable to do so but also because the quality isn’t as good. Using an Android box or Apple TV solves this problem. It also helps those people who have a slow computer. I will do a proper review of these devices tomorrow as I use both.

  19. Just to get this right……. I subscribe to 365 Sports TV which i watch for now on my IMAC, but if I got an Apple TV I can stream it to my Samsung TV and watch it on the big screen? I tried to do this with Serviio which works fine for stored content (video and pictures etc) but could not get it to work for the live IPTV stream.
    This is a very useful blog with replies, thanks for everyones input so far. Cheers.

  20. 365 Sport I have agreed to sign up despite the stuttering sound when I view on my monitor. The staff at 365 were very helpful with my initial queries. Unfortunately, every time I send a message about purchasing the android box (6 at the last count) I am getting zero response.
    This sound problem on my computer is unacceptable so I have to have the box.Is there any other way of contacting them? I don’t want to renege on the agreement.

  21. I’ve been looking for a reliable sports service for ages. Being in Australia getting up at stupid o’clock to watch the UK football is a major pain.

    I can stream Sky etc through my xBox360 using getflix and my father in laws UK account details, but they have no football catchup (yet).

    The catch up service from 365 will be a god send for me and I will gladly pay around $18 a month for the service.

    I installed the trail last night and watched the UTD match (lol) .. sorry i’m a Man City fan 🙂 .. anyway picture was spot on and never buffered or anything. My connection is a 100mb fibre , however this means nothing if the stream from the server end is slow (which so far it isn’t).

    The only worry I have is sometimes ESPN has the UK Prem games on i’d like to watch. I just hope 365 has these and continues the decent service so far !!

    I’m looking forward to watching the Man City vs Newcastle game on 365 catchup when I wake up on Monday morning and not have to stay up to 2am to watch it live on Sky !

    Oh did I mention you can even record the Hi Def content from 365 straight to your computer ?

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