Contradictions in Thailand

Contradictions in Thailand


Life is full of contradictions. Thailand is much the same. Many of the “do’s and don’ts” that I read before arriving in Thailand had to be thrown out as I saw Thai people breaking many of these rules themselves. The same goes for signs. This first one was probably put up by the monks to discourage people feeding the monkeys around the temple. Monkeys can be a nuisance and also dangerous and so it is not a good ideas to encourage them to be around humans. The sign below was posted opposite and lists “monkey food” that you can buy. So, on one hand you have the monks asking you not to feed the monkeys and then you get this vendor who is openly selling food. I guess commerce wins every time.


What about you? What contradictions have you seen in Thailand?

9 thoughts on “Contradictions in Thailand

  1. One of my favourites is the ‘don’t kill animals because its bad karma’ line, and then they go and eat a kilo of pork and chicken.

  2. I remember visiting phuket for a few days about 6 months after the sunami in 2005.One guy was trying to get me into his shop by saying half his family perished in the wave.The bloke next door was calling out ‘sunami dvd’s,t-shirts’.Had to smile at that.

  3. The way I read it, it says you should give the food to the monkeys. Imagine you bought some food and you were about to eat it. Then the sign shouts out at you. “No! Give food to the monkey!” The monkeys got to eat somewhere.

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