This is Why you Shouldn’t put your Head in a Crocodile’s Mouth

This is Why you Shouldn’t put your Head in a Crocodile’s Mouth


A video has just emerged on the internet of some drama at the crocodile farm in Samut Prakan province. If you have ever been to any crocodile show in Thailand then you will be familiar with the act when someone sticks his hand and then head into the mouth of a crocodile. When you first watch this show it is a little shocking. But, after you seen a few shows, it then becomes obvious that it is all for show. The crocodiles are very docile, possibly drugged, and don’t present any cause for concern for the handlers. But, is that really true?


This video that has just been released was apparently shot back in May at the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm. It was an early morning show being watched by many international and local tourists. The show is something that the handlers had done many times before. In fact, the person in this video had been doing the show for the past eight years. But on this day, both he and the audience got the shock of their lives.


To their horror, a second after the handler put his head into the crocodile’s mouth, the crocodile snapped shut his jaws and a brief struggle then took place until the handler was able to break free. The local media reported that the man only suffered minor injuries to his neck and head. He did go to the hospital but he was back at work within a few days. Owners of the crocodile farm say that this was the first time that an incident of this type had happened at this farm. What they didn’t mention was that a woman once committed suicide here by jumping into a crocodile pen.

5 thoughts on “This is Why you Shouldn’t put your Head in a Crocodile’s Mouth

  1. Very likely sweat (salt) from the guys head landed on the crocs tongue. Their ‘snap’ is triggered by salt.

  2. This gives a new meaning to the phrase: ‘Losing Face’.

    Som Nom Na as I am not a fan of mistreating these poor animals.

    I understand the people are poor and do it for the money; but that still does not make it right and how anyone would want to pay to attend these shows is beyond me.

  3. I Always thought those croc were completely drugged, so indeed a reflex because of salt could be an explanation. But do those people not sweat more often?

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