Buy an Apple TV in Thailand for 3,800 Baht

Buy an Apple TV in Thailand for 3,800 Baht


One of my favourite pieces of hardware at home is the Apple TV. I use it a lot to stream music and movies from my iPhone or iPad to my TV and my sound system.  As well as streaming TV channels, you can also use the Apple TV to mirror anything that you can see on your iPhone up onto your big screen TV. Whether it’s photos in your album or a game that you are playing.


I always thought it strange that even though Apple TV has been out on general release for a number of years now, it has never been officially sold in Thailand. You could buy it on the grey market at places like MBK and Pantip, but you could never get it repaired under warranty inside Thailand. But, that has all changed now with the official release of Apple TV in Thailand. It is now being sold on the Apple Store and also at selected dealers for 3,800 Baht.

Note: This blog was updated to include information about the Apple Store.

7 thoughts on “Buy an Apple TV in Thailand for 3,800 Baht

  1. I use it to stream one of your sponsors, namely Thai expat tv from the ipad or iPhone onto the tv. Good picture almost like normal tv.

    What other content is available?

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