How to Watch English Premier League in Thailand

How to Watch English Premier League in Thailand


Ever since TrueVisions lost the rights to broadcast the English Premier League in Thailand, everyone has been waiting to hear how they can watch the football matches on CTH. This is mainly because hardly anyone had heard of them before. Many people kept asking me what packages and prices they would offer and how they would be able to watch the channels. The wait is nearly over as this month they will be launching their packages for football lovers in Thailand. We now have some details about the packages and also how to watch. Unfortunately, their website is only in Thai, but here is the outline as I understand so far:

What’s on offer are 140 channels which includes 31 channels in HD. The logos for these channels can be seen below. As for the EPL, you will be able to watch all 380 matches on six dedicated channels. The prices start at only 599 Baht all the way up to 899 Baht depending on how far in advance that you pay.

  • 899 Baht – Subscription price for paying monthly
  • Pay 899 Baht per month for 10 months (8,990 Baht) and watch for 12 months which makes it 748 Baht per month
  • Pay 899 Baht per month for 18 months (16,182 Baht) and watch for 24 months which makes it 673 Baht per month
  • Pay 899 Baht per month for 24 months (21,576 Baht) and watch for 36 months which makes it 599 Baht per month

There are presently two ways that subscribers can watch the programs. Either through a local cable operator or by using a set top box with a KU-band satellite dish. Rent for this is 125 Baht per month or a deposit of 1,800 Baht. If you visit their website, there is a form (click here) where you can register for the set-top box. Unfortunately its all in Thai so you will need to find someone to help you if you cannot read it.


If you know any further information, then please post in the comments below. One of the main questions at the moment is, will the matches have English commentary? I guess that goes for the other channels. No point signing up for something if everything is dubbed into Thai.

One way to watch ALL of the EPL matches in Thailand is either by subscribing to 365Sport or CTH. With 365Sport you can watch five days on demand. That means if you don’t want to stay up for a match you can watch when you wake up in the morning or any time for the following five days. To get a free trial (works until 24 August) click here for details. 

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  1. Have I got this right,If I want to watch expat tv on my tv I buy the box for 4,000baht pay the 600baht a month then to connect to the internet I have to get an Android phone? So can I assume these boxes do not work on wi fi? Sorry about my naivete this is all new to me.

    1. I have 2 iptv boxes and both work with wi-fi albeit not as good as the fixed line. My local satellite guy fixed me up with IPTV and I get all the Premier League games, also a dish to get Viasat. Set up connects to KU and C band Thaicom and KU band viasat. All installed for about 6,000 and I pay 300 baht per month.

  2. I have 8 IPTV boxes from england for sale with full package and one years subscibtion only 30,000 baht. contact steve at pussy galore sports bar pattaya or call in for demo. i’ve lived in Thailand for 18 years and this is the best TV system there has ever been all english channels e.g BBC,ITV,SKY ALL,and many other sports and entertainment networks.

      1. because the thai version is only a quater of the channelsthat this system it’s a cheap version which could get cut off tomorrow as often happens in Thailand

        1. I don’t have the Thai version. I have the English Maige Box that cost me 13,500 Baht, excellent HD. The only thing that I wonder about is what happens after my Years subscription runs out. Does someone contact me from Satellite TV Thailand or what?
          Is it the same with your English boxes, who contacts you for another years subscription??
          BTW I know you from doing the Moon Runs with Buddha using your bar. I’ll pop in sometime when I am in town.

          1. Hi Geoff,
            I am new here, I also desperate for EPL since True no more carry the right. My apartment operator did not do anything, so I may need to do for myself.
            How is your IPTV doing? It is kind of scary when thinking about streaming thru internet line, it normally has plenty of freezing, worst case is it just don’t work.
            I wondering how is your experience so far. I am thinking with little choice I want to get one.
            I am in Ayutthaya.
            Thanks in advance

          2. Anthony, if you are not sure which is good for you, then I advise you to test the free trial for 365Sport. If you like it, I have a promo code at the moment which works out at 333 Baht per month. The advantage over this IPTV service compared to others is that all programmes are “on demand”. Which means if you are sleeping or busy when the match is on you can watch at your leisure the next day. Other IPTV services you must watch live. Click here for all recent blogs.

          3. Anthony. My IpTv system is working just great. All the live football. Yeah it’s on live but they show all the games mainly everyday of the week after the games, so if you miss one that you didn’t see you can always watch it several more times. I found using the bet365 was also ok but was restricted to watching on my pc, apparently you need more equipment if you wish to use this through a hd tv, I don’t want to go down this route.
            If the IPTV service I am using stays as it is now I will have no problem paying 1/3rd of what i paid annually for True…

          4. Richard, yes it’s ok to write with your questions, I will help in anyway I can. You have my e-mail address.

          5. When I use to get a 800kbs downloading speed for BT, what actually is my connection speed? I wonder my apartment internet speed is good enough for IPTV.

          6. come and look then you will see what i’m talking about or you might be too late i orderd 20 boxes on monday they will be here next week 16 are sold so i have only 4 available i think after today they will be all sold then

          7. @Geoff

            On Your boot logo screen look the top right that tells you how many days left of your subscription . You can leave it until very last day no problem activation can be done online look carefuly there is activation order page ! Your box can be re activated within 1-3 hrs simple and easy as that or you can sms your mac address which can be found in settings page and sms to 08 3914 2939 activation hotline and simple easy and fast


  3. It seems to me that regardless of the name on the IPTV box that depending on the specifications it would be possible to get any IPTV provider subject to paying the subscription fee,is this correct?

    1. yes thats correct you are paying for the service thats why a good provider with system cost more it’s like every thing the better quality the bigger price.

  4. I only have 4 boxes remaining i orderd 20 yesterday now just 4 left i think i will auction the last one and any profit give to charity

  5. I’m trialling 365 at present and I will NOT be buying into it. Other than the EPL there is not much on that interests me and it is only sport and you have to buy another piece of hardware to be able to watch it on your tv set. I shall buy into IPTV which gives you EPL and 60 more HD rntertainment channels. The hardware is one off more expensive but the monthly rates are similar.

    1. Thanks for your comment Terry. Just to be clear to others, you are talking about IPTV-Thailand. I need to saythis because 365Sport is also an IPTV service so it can get confusing. I agree with you that it is limiting what they offer. However, with IPTV-Thailand is all live whereas 365Sport is catch up TV. You need to take that into account. I watch BBC 1 on ThaiEpat TV. I have a free live feed but all the good programs are on when I am sleeping. With ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport you can watch what you like at a time more convenient to you. I haven’t used IPTV-Thailand yet but hope to get a review up soon.

  6. In fairness to 365, they’ve never claimed to offer anything other than sport, so we can’t really complain about lack of variety.

    I’m using ThaiExpatTV through an Android box on my big TV and I’m quite happy with it, except every now and then the picture either freezes for an unacceptable length of time, I mean more than 10 minutes, or it skips to the end. This is really annoying if you’re watching a football match or if you’ve sat through 50 minutes of a 60 minute programme! I will write to them and ask about this – their customer service team is friendly and does try very hard – but I was wondering if anyone here has any tips and fixes

    1. I can’t understand why people don’t listen to experience you are all going on about 365 which is bet365 and the thai iptv box version which are only 50% ready.I have the full English world wide IPTV box which works perfect never freezes can record but everyone always want to go a cheap way then after they buy the best one so in the end it costs them more 14 years of streaming in thailand i think i know what i’m talking about

        1. It’s just a normal iptv box supplied by the company that supply’s the programs we will be opening our shop in Pattaya in November at present i just letting a few people have a try it made by the biggest tv networks in the world thats why no problems with this system.

          1. Thanks but it doesn’t really answer my question as there are dozens of different IPTV boxes out there. I will try and stop by your place the next time I am in Pattaya to see for myself. I’m interested in writing more blogs with different options of watching TV online.

          2. All iptv boxes are the same it’s who you get your network though it’s like a computer they all work the same so it’s down to who you get your internet from

          3. Steve, I intend popping into Pussy Galore some time around 6pm today after a meeting in TQ. I can have a chat with you then hopefully.

          4. Hi Steve. I will be in Pattaya some time this month and will definitely drop by your bar and have a look. As I’m really, really dumb with anything techno, it will probably really help me to have you talk me through it too. Cheers, paddy

  7. There are so many different possibilities and options with this, it gets quite bewildering. Someone ought to set up a dedicated comparison and advice website. Rickard???

  8. Expat tv is not for sports fans if it sport your after you need sky sports from England on an English iptv box but now adaya in Thailand most expats are cheap Charlie you only get what you pay for why don’t people listen to experience

  9. hi,
    does anyone know is the ukraine england match on wednesday 01.45 is on any of the channels? cth cant make head nor tail of their schedual page,true or thai tv?
    thanks….got slow connection so streaming is out.
    thanks guys

  10. So many are confused with stream and iptv as a few post have mentioned there are some very poor service out there done by amature guys . Be careful when you purchase iptv esp from europe or uk as this is illegal service in europe and uk they will for sure get shut down at point in time . Your best option is Maige Tv it is a legal service provider and have license for next 6 years others claim they have the best thing since slice bread yeah right but they always get shut down and you end up spending double . So get a Legal IpTv Service Like Maige TV at least then you know it will work the 1 year what you payed for .


    1. what a load of bollocks you have more chance of losing the iptv from thailand than from europe the euro firms buy direct from the companys thats why they have more choice and cost a little bit more they work out a 2,000 baht a month 1st year same price as True visions then next year only 500baht a month. you would be stupid not to buy from a good uk company

  11. CTH update.

    Anyone having problems with billing?

    After they fitted the system they said a bill would be sent to me and received within a week.

    Nothing came.

    After about 3 weeks it arrived. Took it to the 7/11 abut 20 minutes after getting it and…they said it was too late to pay!

    Called CTH and they said they were so busy many bills were sent out late!

    They said they’ll send another one. Three weeks ago! They did say they won’t cut me off and I have a month so I shouldn’t worry.

    I think they will send a ‘double’ bill. Hopefully, on time.

    CTH is still working but I’m worried they’ll cut me off!

  12. Is anyone elses EPL commentary all in Thai?
    All my settings are English but all live EPL match commentary only comes in Thai. Frustrating.
    I have not had my bill yet so might bin it…..

  13. Dear Richard

    Maybe you could let me know if CTH shows any EPL preview or review shows. I used to enjoy the pundits better than the live games and miss this especially on Monday evenings. If you have any details I would like to know.
    Many thanks

    John Wells

  14. Hi… Do you need internet connection for epl on cth or will the dish recieve all channels ?????
    Yours kindly
    Dan Gertler

    1. For what it’s worth I was pretty pissed off when after a lot of shenanigans I couldn’t have CTH in my condo. I had to take the 365 Sport/android box route and I have to say I’m quite happy with the setup now it’s up and running. (Had a few problems in the beginning) When i had True I was paying about 1500baht and only watching Premier League and pundit programmes. I’m getting a much better deal now and the weather glitches are no worse than when i had satellite. On Saturdays I watch the early game at The Sportsman’s on CTH and it tickles me to see these 3 muppets in a ginormous room at half time probably talking a load of codswallop. At least on 365 we have pre-match, halftime and postmatch discussions from people speaking a language and using terminology we can all relate to. Maybe the CTH embargo was a blessing in disguise.

  15. Wondering if anyone has had experience with True when trying to cancel and switch to CTH , or keep but downgrade True? There seems no great incentive from CTH to come over to them or from True to stay .

  16. I had CTH satellite installed in August, they used True cabling as it runs inside the cavity wall, but we got a small discount. EPL is excellent picture quality, but that is about all I watch. CTH is overloaded with Fox channels (50% content, 50% ads)and has no international news programmes (I don’t call FoxNews news)and Sky News is mainly domestic UK. I have written 3 times to CTH via their online form but never receive a response. If they could screen Aljazera and a few non Fox movie channels I would stay with them, but with the present programme set up I will have to forgo the football and switch back to True if CTH cannot improve their programme set up.

    1. Hi PeterB,

      So you managed to get the CTH even though your building didnt have the CTH cable? I live in a condo where we dont have the CTH cable, but we got True, so was wondering if this thing they did for you might work for me.

      Sadly when i call CTH they say i need to pay them first before they can check if they can install it for me. But not sure i wanna do that, they say they would refund me if they cant install it. CTH seems like such a scam company though, so not sure if I can trust them on that.

      1. We had True installed whilst our house was being built, so they put their cabling in the cavity between the two walls along with the electrics. We had no dealings with CTH themselves, but used a local installer who happened to supply and install the dish and box. He could have used the True dish but as it wasn’t ours he put the blue CTH dish (which faces East) in. If you can find an installer, there are many, you can buy the box at any store such as Tesco, Big C or Powerbuy and buy a dish. Our Installer had no option other than to use the existing True cable, but he did give a discount for the cable he saved. We paid the installer and next day CTH emailed the set up codes. I don’t see why you can’t do similar in a condo – just don’t involve CTH.
        Other than that, picture quality for football is exceptional, all seven channels in HD, but watching anything else is mostly Fox stuff with constant interruptions.

      1. I have not contacted them. How long did they reply to you? I tried to test with the expathai and I see the signal is quite ok though I use wireless with my Ipad. 365 sport has the same quality?
        Thanks so much

  17. Hi Richard,

    I am due to move into a condo this weekend and have permission for a dish to be attached. I noticed STAR SPORTS on the list, is this the same Star Sports that are showing the live cricket matches?

    Hope you can help, thanks. Oh. love the site by the way.

  18. I have cth and the signal is shocking .. ive been to complain and they say they can do nothing about it… its direct from bkk. But i go to a bar 100metres away from my home and its fine!! .. im cancelling

    1. Spencer: I subscribed to 365 on my laptop over 12 months ago with few problems and 3 months ago added Thai Expat tv (a sister company) to my package and now watch them both on my tv.Check them out on the net.

  19. Up here in Buriram, I had CTH two and half years, all the premier football channels and more, not had any problems until last year when they switched CTH off in August for some reason. The payments 961.93baht pm. all up to date, I heard that they had trouble collecting payments from customers and the company was in trouble (hogwash). I found another provider called ‘Leotech’ which had all the sports channels and lots more channels in English. Was very happy with them until they too have ‘pulled the plug’ this month on everyone, now they can stuff the TV up there jackcy, will go local and watch from a bar.

  20. I have a condo in pattaya,I only can get 3 poor quality Thai channels on the new tv when connected up but if I disconnect the aerial that appears to come out of the wall I get a good picture,is there a satellite dish I can buy outright so I have no hidden costs to pay as I am only there 2 months a year many thanks

    1. As Richard has indicated, internet TV is the way to go. No dish, no box, no wiring required. Just a reasonable internet connection (suggest about 6-8 Mbps minimum). I have checked most of them out including ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport but my personal preference is ILikeHD. Approx. 200 channels of the best in TV that you will ever need; news, entertainment, movies, documentaries, plus dozens of sports channels – all for about 500 baht for 30 days (pay as you go – no need to commit to long term packages). Just stream through your PC or laptop (connect to the TV via HDMI for a better viewing experience) or watch whilst on the move via a smartphone or tablet. I did mention no box but an even better way to go is add a suitable box to your home system for a few thousand baht (I use the Minix X-8H) and view via the app which you can download to the box.

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