How to Watch CBeebies in Thailand

How to Watch CBeebies in Thailand


Most of the television I watch these days is streamed over the Internet. This has the advantage that TVs no longer need to be plugged into satellite dishes or an aerial on the roof.  I can watch it anywhere at home or while away on holiday. There are a number of ways that you can get IPTV, some for free which I will tell you about later, but my favourite one is with ThaiExpatTV which has a monthly subscription. This has been the most reliable so far.


At the moment they have 18 channels which are mainly from the UK. Every now and then they add new channels. The latest is CBeebies which is a great channel for younger kids. This is perfect for expat families looking for entertainment for their kids. It’s also useful for Thai families who want to bring up their children to be bilingual. For older children, there is also the Cbbc channel.


There are different ways you can watch these channels. I usually use my iPad or iPhone and then with this I send the pictures onto my big screen via AppleTV. I have a 32 inch and the quality is perfect. If I am away on holiday, then I just watch on my iPad. Recently I bought their set-top box for my office which you can see above. This runs on Android and plugs into your TV with a HDMI cable. It also has AV cables but that isn’t as good.


When I first heard about ThaiExpatTV I was interested but had a few reservations. Mainly the problem with buffering and also with the time difference. However, I watch this nearly every day and it hardly ever buffers or drops out. They say you only need at least a 3MB connection. They do a free two day trial so you can try it out before you commit yourself. The problem with the time difference is also not a problem as they have 7 days on demand. Which means you can watch last night’s prime TV at any time you like.


You can now watch UK TV in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, and Kuala Lumpur as well as Australia, New Zealand and the UAE. Like I said before, there are free ways to get most of these channels on your computer, but they don’t have the 7-day on demand feature. Plus, their servers are usually abroad and so there is sometimes buffering. With ThaiExpatTV, the servers are here in Thailand and so works much better. For more information and to sign up for their free trial click here.

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