Overloaded Passenger Vans in Bangkok

Overloaded Passenger Vans in Bangkok


Have you ever used any of those passengers vans in Bangkok? They have become very popular over the last few years for getting around Bangkok but also for going to other provinces in the central region. But how safe are they? There has been many complaints of drivers speeding which has caused some fatal accidents. Another complaint is that there aren’t any seatbelts. When a passenger van crashed on the tollway last year, many bodies were found on the road below. Despite a police crackdown on speeding and overloading, the problems still remain as you can see by this picture. What about you? Would you trust your life with these drivers? If not, what’s the alternative?

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8 thoughts on “Overloaded Passenger Vans in Bangkok

  1. Poorly trained drivers, no driver checks, poorly maintained vehicles, no enforcement or compliance, over-loaded vans = unguided missiles waiting to explode.

  2. I’m using them quite often. Last weekend I went to Nakhon Nayok, there were seatbelts, no overcrowding, no excess speeding.

  3. Used a passenger van from Pattaya to Trat once. NEVER again! Would prefer 8 hrs on a bus or paying extra to fly.

  4. With 67 countries rated higher than Thailand when it comes to traffic-related deaths I am sitting pretty good over here. But then, I did grow up in South Africa.
    In all fairness I have to say I do not use the vans all that often but that is because I keep ending up in Ko Kret when going to Immigration in Chaeng Wattana due to me peacefully falling asleep & annoying my fellow passengers with my snoring.

  5. I’ve always been surprised how little personal space is needed in these things. That said, my wife and I have traveled to Amphawa, Ayutthaya, Phetchaburi, etc. and never had any major problems. Knowing where to go, which bus to get on, etc. is the bigger problem.

  6. For the journey I take regularly it is the only option. Sometimes they are quiet and sometimes very full. People are not left waiting in the street. Like it or move back to London where a bus journey costs only 150 baht is my thinking. I will continue using the vans.

  7. We used to have a few “My name Alonso” hellboys on the Rayong-BKK route but rarely see them anymore. Buy your ticket from the agent and wait there for the rot-too; don’t flag them down randomly from roadside – those guys are often the crazy racers.

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