List of Recent Popular Thai Blogs

List of Recent Popular Thai Blogs


In case you may have missed any of them, here is a list of the most popular of my Thai blogs over the past 30 days:

  1. Everything that is wrong with traffic in Bangkok
  2. When is a Tourist Office not a Tourist Office?
  3. The Hoops we Jump Through to Renew Visas
  4. Does BTS Skytrain Policy Discriminate Against Foreigners?
  5. How I lost 15 Kilos Juicing in Thailand
  6. Thai Monk Caught with his Pants Down
  7. Top 10 Most Popular Thai Nicknames
  8. Top 10 Foreign Tourist Arrivals in Thailand Jan-Mar 2013
  9. Maidreamin’ Cafe Opens in Bangkok with Cute Thai Girls
  10. BMA to Demolish BTS Saphan Taksin Station

The following are some of the most popular of my Thai blogs over the last year:

  1. Why “Asiatique The Riverfront” has banned me from their Facebook Page
  2. Topless Songkran Girls on Samui
  3. Top 10 Thai People with the Most Followers on Instagram
  4. British Tourist Wearing a Mankini in Chiang Mai Shocks Thai Netizens
  5. No Foreigners Allowed in this Shop in MBK in Bangkok
  6. Thai Newspaper Prints Naked Pictures of Prince Harry on the Front Page
  7. Hundreds of Thai Cyclists Honour the Memory of Peter Root and Mary Thompson
  8. Thai police applicants told that they cannot modify their genitals
  9. Deep Fried Chocolate Bars in Thailand
  10. Man arrested for selling baby corpses as good luck charms

None of the lists include events or lottery results. Follow me on Twitter @RichardBarrow for more news about Thailand.

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