Topless Songkran Girls on Samui

Topless Songkran Girls on Samui

There has been outrage before about topless girls celebrating Songkran. Leading the forefront in that was the Ministry of Culture who forgot that not only did they have artwork of topless ladies on their website but also some Thai grand mums today still go topless. This picture was from Samui yesterday. I’m afraid I had to censor the original picture as police could use the Computer Act to prosecute me if I didn’t.

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Personally I think that the topless ladies on Samui island are far more decent than this foreigner spotted celebrating Songkran in Chiang Mai yesterday. Is this really acceptable? Even in the West? I know I may be out of touch, but this is just too much.

RT @wakkks: สงกรานต์เชียงใหม่ค่ะทุกคนนนน อิฉันเพลียยย 5555555

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  1. Many older ladies in the longhouses of Sarawak and womenfolk from villages in Bali still walk around topless, with only a sarong. And, by the evening, at around 5pm they bathe completely nude, oftentimes in full view of public roads.

    Try this: Wave at them, and see how quickly they would all wave back at you, while smiling too !!
    And yes, I have pictures from Bali to prove it !!

    1. They do here too. Well, not bathe naked but the old grandmums sit in front of their house topless. I often see when out cycling. They don’t seem to care. It was the norm when they were younger.

    2. It is true in Sarawak with older ladies in longhouse but their number are dsiappearing. Modern and educated ones dont do that any more.

  2. How recently was the “Thou shalt not walk around topless Law” invented in Thailand?

    I heard it was only enforced in the late 70’s and early 80’s in Malaysia, with a fine of RM50 (500Baht) per occurrence. (That was a lot of money back then, especially for those who live in the MooBahn )

  3. Spring Fertility Festivals take place in all cultures all over the world. eggs, bunny rabbits, phallus symbols, sexuality are all part of the ongoing tradition……….without sexuality. desire and reproduction activity after all, humans would soon no longer exist.

    1. That’s completely irrelevant. Respecting local culture is about respecting local people. When you are guest in a country, you observe that country’s laws and culture as a matter of basic decency.

  4. I do think topless was the norm, but for older ladies always. My (Thai) mother in law doesn’t mind herself to walk topless around the house but she is old. She used to be quick to say something was too sexy to wear for younger girls
    But the green ball collector-garment from the photo is just too much! He looks like a plain idiot

  5. About the dress code.
    I think Richard Barrow is correct in assuming that things changed in the 40s’ introduced by the “Führer” field marshal Phibunsongkhram.
    (he was quite positive about Adof Hitler).
    You would be surprised to learn how many of todays customs have been triggered by him (like National Anthem at 8am, 6pm).

    1. The topless ways of Thai women were quick in the line of fire of Western and particularly North American Christian missionaries who came to Thailad/Siam in the 19th Century. Both King Rama IV and Rama V were under serious pressure by the colonial powers to “get the Kingdom civilized (siwilai)” in order to avoid colonial conquest. A number of Northern American missionaries were also medical practitioners, such as Dan Beach Bradley, and played a vital part in introducing mass vaccination against smallpox and other epidemics in Thailand. These activities earned them massive respect, and their views on women’s attire and education were accepted and endorsed by King Rama IV and particularly Rama V- Missionaries’ wives were asked into the Siamese court to educate princesses, concubines and their children, thus introducing Christian values of female modesty and virtue to the Thai upper classes.

  6. I was there in chaweng, samui. These were 2 ladyboys who were topless and for a short time completely nude. They even showed passing vehicles their new vaginas. Freaky Stuff..

  7. This guy has obviously fallen victim to the naive logic of: “wow, this culture is crazy and alien to me, so I may as well go completely crazy myself.”

  8. It’s Borat!

    The white guy is wearing the Borat swimsuit as a joke, obviously. Just have a laugh and move on, it doesn’t matter to any of our lives one bit.

    Google “borat green swimsuit” and you will see what I mean.

  9. The peanut sling is way overboard especially if one peanut is that small. But as far as ladies wishing to bare chests no problem unless they hang below belly.

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