Top 10 Most Popular Thai Nicknames

Top 10 Most Popular Thai Nicknames


All Thai people are given a nickname shortly after their birth. This is often used in daily life and in fact, nicknames are used so much that many people may not know their friends and colleagues real name. I have some Thai friends who I have no idea what their real name is. Though this is probably more to do with them keep changing their name for good luck. Anyway, here is the Top 10 of the most popular Thai nicknames: May, Ploy, Nan, Ice, Bank, Mai, Fah, New, Bon and Beer.

RT @khajochi: 10 อันดับชื่อเล่นที่โหลที่สุดในไทย: เมย์, พลอย, แนน, ไอซ์, แบงค์, มาย, ฟ้า, นิว, บอล, เบียร์

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    1. “Lek”: I guess this is a list of popular given names for new borns or so. Definitely not a total statistics about all nicknames.

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