Emergency Ambulance Hotline for Thailand is 1669

Emergency Ambulance Hotline for Thailand is 1669


The general emergency hotline in Thailand is 199, but if you need to call an ambulance then dial 1669. Other useful numbers for foreigners on holiday include Tourist Police (1155) and Highway Police (1196).

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  1. My friend rang me 2 days ago, saying that he needed an ambulance very quickly, my wife called the 1669 number only to be told that they where having lunch call back later. My wife rang our local hospital, and there advise was to call the 1669 number, so my wife called the same number only to be given the same advise, in the mean time my friend is bleeding to death. So what I would like to know, is there another number I can call if required, by my family as I have a 2 year old and I would like to be prepared if needed. Kind regards Ian Sycamore

    1. It would be great if you could give them a feedback. 1669 is the emergency number to access to the public ambulance all over Thailand and they suppose to operate 24 hours a day. In Bangkok area Erawan dispatch center is the central EMS dispatch with their own number 1646(http://www.ems.bangkok.go.th/). You can choose to call both 1669 and 1646 in Bangkok area for public EMS. For private EMS you can call 1724 the BES center which operate under BDMS hospital network(Bangkok hospital, Samitivej hospital, BNH, Phayathai and Paolo). They have an English speaking call taker and will dispatch the nearest EMS team with emergency physician on board in case of serious condition. The EMS system in Thailand is hospital based which is totally different from US or Europe. The response to medical emergency is still too slow due to lack of EMS coverage in some area and terrible traffic condition in Bangkok. I recommend you to pre-registered in 1669 application or BES i lert you application as this is another way to contact them in case of emergency and it is easier to locate the patient through GPS system from their mobile phones.

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