Taking your Bicycle on the MRT Subway

Taking your Bicycle on the MRT Subway


Although you are allowed to take your bicycle on the BTS Skytrain for free, the MRT Subway only allows foldable bikes. But not just any foldable bike as it has to be smaller than a certain size. Here is a picture posted by Davina Kunvipusilkul on Facebook which gives the details:

Foldable bicycles on the MRT should not exceed the following measurements: 1140mm x 640mm x 360mm.

The dotted yellow line on the poster is actual size to make it easier to check.

11 thoughts on “Taking your Bicycle on the MRT Subway

  1. The MRT doesn’t understand bicycles, which is a shame in this day and age. They require that you fold them at street level. Now if you have a Strida (the bike shown on the right in the photo), that’s not a problem because it can be easily rolled (walked) after folding. But if you have the type on the left, which is the majority of folding bikes, most of these cannot be easily rolled. These bikes are not that light, and if you have a not-so-good back like me, it is out of the question to carry the bike down two levels, and sometimes over a hundred meters (at transfer stations), especially when a bicycle has wheels! This is a dumb as telling those pulling wheeled suitcases to carry them.

    Most similar facilities in the world allow you to roll the bike down to the platform. Then it can be folded and carried the couple meters into the train.

    I want the executives at MRT to experience carrying a folding bike down to the trains, then exit at Chatuchak Station and transfer to the Mo Chit Skytrain station. Then they’ll understand. I’ll be happy to loan the bike.

    I know an MRT employee who cycles to work. The MRT made a big fuss about him bringing his bike down near where he works, saying he cannot use the escalator because the bike would scratch it, so he carries it down the stairs. Stupidity like this can only come down from the top brass and the middle-manager wannabes at MRT who know nothing about cycling. The perception here is that cyclists are poor people, second-class citizens.

    Thankfully, the bike-friendly BTS Skytrain welcomes cyclists, and I applaud them for that.

  2. Do you know if the bicycle is in a travel bag coming from the plane , if that counts, bag will just look like a bigger piece of luggage?
    Thanks, mik

  3. What about the Airport Rail Link? Would love to take my bike out to the eastern parts of town without riding there along the,highway?

    1. You would need a foldable bike for the City Line but I did hear they were going to allow full frame bikes on the Express Line to the airport. I know that sounds strange but there are some good circuits to enjoy around the airport. I will try and get that confirmed.

  4. Yes thanks for finding out. I used to live beside the new airport as it was getting built and would like to bike around those areas again.

  5. Hi Richard:

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  6. hi Richard

    Old article, I know, but do you what the situation will be with the MRT owned Sky Train lines that are being built around Bangkok. The line near me (Purple Line) is due to open in September I think and some of the stations offer good starting points for cycling routes.



    1. I doubt if anything has been decided yet. Though interesting whether the “underground” company will have the same policy of allowing bicycles on the trains as the “above ground” company. After all, this line seems to be all above ground.

  7. i lugged my full-size montague 26″ unbagged on the MRT but took some arguing…won’t do that again with two panniers. measures 36x36x8″
    dragged it bagged on the airport link, almost blew a nut on the transfer point. for a bike crazy country, they sure do have some archaic rules.
    it makes it on the second class sleeper car going upcountry.

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