True to Limit Time in their Coffee Shops

True to Limit Time in their Coffee Shops


Places like McDonalds and KFC have already put up signs to stop private tutors from taking up table space for their lessons. Now True Coffe has made a list of what you cannot do. This includes no working on tables for more than one hour, no reserving of tables and no charging of batteries for longer than 30 minutes.

RT @khajochi: True Coffee เริ่มติดป้ายห้ามในหลายสาขาแล้ว: ห้ามนั่งทำงานเกิน 1 ชั่วโมง, ห้ามจองโต๊ะ, ห้ามชาร์จแบตเกิน 30 นาที

4 thoughts on “True to Limit Time in their Coffee Shops

  1. This is all great, however it would help if people actually took any notice of the signs and the ‘do anything to avoid confrontation’ staff lifted a finger to enforce it.

  2. Agree this has to be enforced. Try going to Mcdonalds in Amarin Plaza and you will see its all kids and their tutors. Staff have to enforce this.

  3. Hope they will be strict about it but I seldom go to Suckbucks. They have the worst coffee in Malaysia but popular because of locations and free wifi. In Thailand they charge for wifi. I will prefer them to give free wifi and limit seat time for each customer drink. I prefer Black Canyon. Better coffee and more food choice.

  4. A welcome initiative but the signs should also be written in English to grab the attention of foreigners tutoring other foreigners in English (e.g. many Westerners teaching Japanese/Korean housewives during the day). The Thai staff are reluctant to approach foreigners about this (which is why the “teachers” get away with it day after day). However, I have seen Starbucks staff (in Soi Convent) reprimand uniformed Thai schoolgirls who were just gossiping noisily whilst lying down across several chairs with their feet on tables (maybe hi-so behaviour). They all rushed out having lost big face. I smiled and could at last sit down.

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