I thought the police said “no powder” this year?

I thought the police said “no powder” this year?


You may remember that in the days leading up to Songkran government agencies released “rules” on what you couldn’t do during Songkran (see here). There was immediate outrage on social media which resulted in a softening of these rules. But police said that they would be strict on issues such as alcohol and powder in designated waterfight zones. But, as you can see by this picture, it didn’t quite go to plan. No surprise there. Ban on sale of alcohol was also flouted as I saw beer on sale on Silom Road and Khao San Road. The only place that I saw no alcohol on sale was in front of CentralWorld and Siam Square. Another rule about no pick-up trucks taking part in waterfights was mainly only observed in Greater Bangkok. Certainly in my area there were far fewer than normal. In fact, this is the first Songkran that I haven’t needed to wash white paste off my car. As far as drinking in vehicles, I personally saw people drinking what was obviously whiskey in a bottle of Oishi tea.

How was it in your area?

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7 thoughts on “I thought the police said “no powder” this year?

  1. I live in Silom so it was full on as usual. Alcohol on sale everywhere, talc and paste everywhere, loud speaker systems set up downstairs by our local 7-11 till late last night. Some trucks were going down Naratiwas and Sathorn doing battle and throwing water on people on bikes. No change from last year and absolutely no effort from the Police to do anything. They were mostly there in body but not in mind.

  2. I couldn’t tell anything was different in Ubon. Played at the same spot as last 2 years. Plenty of people didn’t even bother hiding whiskey and beer bottles in back of trucks.

  3. Chiang Mai was business as usual. LOTS of pickup trucks, powder everywhere, drinking and sales in all areas and I didn’t see any police check-points.

  4. Siam on Sunday was almost entirely powder free… but then again, the last time anyone followed rules during Songkran was… when?

  5. Was my first Songkran and there were plenty of Pickups loaded with Water driving around in OnNut where I live and they also powdered me every day haha Buying ALC at silom or khaosan wasn´t a Problem too .

  6. In Prachinburi I saw it all but #7 I think. Of course we put the alcohol away when passing the police who smiled and said we did good.

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