How Will You Celebrate Songkran 2013?

How Will You Celebrate Songkran 2013?

These are two contrasting pictures showing the difference in how some people celebrate Songkran. Which one do you think is more fun? There is no doubt that waterfights at the height of summer are great fun as there is no better way to cool down. But some people say that it has gone too far as you can get wet even if you don’t want to play. In the old days they would ask permission first before sprinkling some water on you. Now you are ambushed from behind and have paste rubbed into your eyes and dyed iced water poured over you. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are on your way to work or holding an expensive camera. They don’t seem to care.

What do you think? Have they gone too far?

4 thoughts on “How Will You Celebrate Songkran 2013?

  1. I will be participating in the Buddhist traditions and after that will get a little wet washing dishes. Anyone coming near me with a water pistol will be firmly told “Mai ao krub.”

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