Long Queues in Front of McDonald’s Today

Long Queues in Front of McDonald’s Today


Although I’ve been in Thailand for a long time, it still surprises to what lengths people go to get something at a discount or for free. I know people who cross to the other side of town just to take advantage of a discount on something. Not only are they buying something that they didn’t really want, but they are wasting transportation costs just to go and get it. It was a bit like that with the McMuffins this morning. Yes they may have been free, but how long did these people have to line up for something that probably only costs 50 Baht on a normal day? Haven’t they heard o f the saying “time is money”? What about you? Is it worth lining up to get something for free?


RT @subongkoch: แมคโคนัลด์ ส่งมอบความอร่อยของ ซอเซจ แมคมัฟฟิน วิท เอ้ก ให้ลูกค้า6.00-11.00 น.(สาขาซีพีทาวเวอร์ แจกแล้วกว่า 600 ชิ้น)

10 thoughts on “Long Queues in Front of McDonald’s Today

  1. I would not even eat this if McDonalds would give me the 50 THB. “National Breakfast Day” in Thailand and people actually think about eating crap like this instead of real (declicious Thai) food? What a shame!

  2. My little son told me that they were giving out free new breakfast sandwiches: Chicken & Egg McMuffins, but he got word of that from another person who was in line.

  3. completely not worth it. I have a general rule of thumb that something with a discount should not be bought at all, unless it is a personal discount or a Christmas sale

  4. Dear Richard,

    I am a frequent reader of your blog, however this post is a bit disconcerting for me to read, as you fail to remember the McDonald’s in not in the budget of many thai worker and for 50 bhat they can purchase food which is much more filling and longer lasting in terms of satisfying their hunger.

    1. So, are you saying that they shouldn’t be allowed to eat Western food? That they must only eat Thai food. I am not going to argue with you which is healthier as we both know the answer to that. But, I am all for freedom of choice. When I was tweeting about this special offer earlier, some people attacked me because they said I was promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. I’ve actually quit junk food and mainly drink juices. But, I am not going to get all high and mighty and say that everyone should do the same as me.

      Anyway, I think it is obvious why McDonald’s are doing this free offer. They are trying to get Thais hooked on their breakfast selection.

    2. The people in that line hardly looked like Issan rice boonies who couldnt afford a sausage mcmuffin do they Mathers? As for a sausage mcmuffin being a substantial and filling breakfast compared to their normal breakfast, well that did amuse me no end. I can see it now, 60 million people crawling round Bangkok on their hands and knees every morning because their grilled pork and half a pound of jok only managed to keep them going till 10:30am before the life force drained out of them. If only thy could afford to purchase food which is much more filling and longer lasting in terms of satisfying their hunger… like a sausage mcmuffin. LOL.

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