Krispy Kreme Summer Fun With Mango Collection

Krispy Kreme Summer Fun With Mango Collection


Are there still long queues outside Krispy Kreme in Bangkok? Has all the fuss died down yet? After all, they are only doughnuts. I am wondering if I am the only person who has never actually eaten one yet. For the addicted fans out there, you might be interested in their new doughnut for the summer. According to a press release, the “Mango Collection Doughnuts” are frosted in 2 vibrant hues; “Mango Kreme Cake”, topped with mango cream and mango pulp to give zesty freshness in every bite, and “Double Taste Mango” which comes with a mango assortment and Mango Cream Cheese icing for a “taste sensation that will create fond memories of the summer months”. Krispy Kreme Mango doughnuts are available for 35 baht/piece. Available at all Krispy Kreme outlets from 15 March to 31 May 31 2013.


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  1. I counted 4 different people with boxes of them on the flight back to Ubon last week. Every flight has them when i leave Bangkok. It’s a popular food gift from Bangkok now. I don’t think they are any better than Mr Donuts 12b glazed.

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