Danger of Bag Snatching in Bangkok

Danger of Bag Snatching in Bangkok


Nearly every day, I see reports in the Thai media about bag snatching in Bangkok. This usually involves two people on motorcycle late at night looking for victims walking alone. The following is a letter from an anonymous reader of the Bangkok Post:

I was robbed recently by a pair riding on the pavement alongside a building. From their hiding place in the shadows they started up and sped towards me from just a few metres away and yanked my handbag away as they went by; the well-planned ambush happened in seconds. Handbag snatchings have increased and Bangkok’s streets are no longer as safe as they once were. It is time the government faced this unpleasant fact and gave public safety a higher priority. Continued cover ups will only damage Thailand’s image but they will cut tourism revenue as word of mouth spreads and more angry people post warnings online (as a Dutch man did several months ago after his daughter was raped in Krabi). Thailand’s residents and visitors deserve better.

It’s not really fair to say officials are not doing anything. These bilingual posters are up everywhere in the Silom/Sathorn area. However, I’m not sure if there has been an increase in police patrols. That is what is really needed, “bobbies on the beat”. There needs to be more of a police presence. How often have you seen police on the street other than directing traffic or manning checkpoints?


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  1. There’s no money in catching bag grabbers. Motorbikers without helmets on the other hand, a hundred baht from each and the first million is just around the corner…

    1. How about 1000 Baht from each and impound their motorcycles for a day, and release fee 2000 Baht if you want your bike back? That would work wonders…if the Vietnamese could get 99% of their motorcycle riders to wear helmets, what the hell is wrong with the Thai authorities?

  2. The Police here are useless. A combination of dire pay, minimal resources and rampant and systematic corruption make the Royal Thai police force a pathetic organisation, even for the 3rd world.

  3. @Richard: “Royal Thai police force a pathetic organisation”. I disagree. They are one of best gangs in Thailand.

  4. Bag snatching is also a big problem in Malaysia so much so that certain towns like Klang ((an hour form Kuala Lumpur) have bag snatching case almost every day!!!

  5. Not just night time. I have two friends got their bags snatched in the middle of the day along Silom Rd. near Narathiwat.

  6. The police don’t work at night do they? Sadly, this is happening here in Chiang Mai too. Very sad to see how Thailand is quickly turning from the Land of Smiles to the Land of Crime (and smoke).

  7. Also in Thung Khru. There was a bag snatching right across the road from us. Fortunately one of the two female college students had the presence of mind to throw her bag over a neighbour’s front gate. The other one was not so lucky and had her bag snatched off her.

  8. Just Had My Bag Snatched Tonight.ive Been Comjng To Thailandfor 30 Years This Is Our Last Week Of A 3 Month Stay Travelling Afound.

    I Think In Future We Will Give Bangkok A Miss. The People Here Are Not As Nice As They Used To Be.

    The Shine Of Bkk Has Worn Off For Me This Trip For Sure.

  9. Hello, i have been also a victim on january 2cd. they apparently first hitted me on the head i lost consciousness and they took my bag leaving in the middle of the street bleeding and unconscious. I could have lost my life. I went to hospital with head trauma and a big open wound, various brouses, and a broken foot finger. I wished i had been warmed before at the customs for example, or advise in teh BTS. They were camera. but the police not fast enough to Watch them right away to get the guys. lots of talking…

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