Central Embassy: Another Mall for Bangkok

Central Embassy: Another Mall for Bangkok


Central Embassy will be the latest luxurious shopping mall for Bangkok when it opens at the end of this year. There will be eight floors for retail stores and a further 30 floors for a hotel. The mall is being built on the corner of the Phloenchit intersection. This land once belonged to the British Embassy. In the artist’s impression below, you can see that the British Ambassador’s Residence will be dwarfed by this tower. What do you think, is there room for another mall in Bangkok?


14 thoughts on “Central Embassy: Another Mall for Bangkok

  1. Another mall? Another hotel? The central business district of Bangkok is already over-flowing with malls and shopping centres and hotels. Why aren’t Central with all their money and profits setting aside this land as a public space for the hard-pressed citizens of bangkok when they already have a very large department store just a few metres up the road?

  2. Thank God (and the sweet infant baby jesus). I was only saying last week how there are not enough shopping malls.

  3. Glenn – you should visit Central Rama 2 at weekends when it resembles an evacuation centre for the whole of BKK.

  4. Is this not right next door to another Central? Plus I believe they starting to build one at the old night bazar as well.

  5. Wish the government would build finally a real nice big park, with a huge modern indoor sport-complex. Tennis, Swimming, Mini Golf etc. etc. Tourists @ visit would also in the long-term help to finance such a public useful space. Way too many malls and hotels downtown now. Boring Boring….

    1. 8 May 2014 the Grand opening day. Cant wait to visit there.Great shopping area and all products are well known and great dining experience too.

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