Bilingual Books for Thai Kids

Bilingual Books for Thai Kids


Every year there seems to be many more English language books being published locally in Thailand. Many of these are bilingual. Great for expat families but also for Thai parents who want their kids to enjoy English. I’ve found the best way to motivate children to become fluent in English is to tell them that they will soon have access to far more books and cartoons than their friends. And it’s true.


Recently I have seen more effort by Thai parents to bring their kids up to be bilingual. There are Facebook support groups for this as well as several books with tips. Recently I have also seen books and flash cards at Se-Ed that label themselves as bilingual products. This is a great change in attitude and I hope that this will mean more English speakers in the future. As we all know, Thais are far behind others in this region and they need to do a lot of catching up.



6 thoughts on “Bilingual Books for Thai Kids

  1. Richard, when I first started with Thai I bought a bunch of bilingual books for the Thai market (Thai-English). There were many mistakes in the English. Did you look through any of these to check?

      1. Hi Richard!

        First of all I want to thank you for keeping all of us living in Thailand up to date with current events! Currently I am teacher in Chanthaburi and am looking into purchasing either an English software for my students (beginners) or really good quality and new Thai-English dictionaries. Do you have any advice or places/websites I should look?

        Thank you!

  2. My 1st grade son’s english teacher wants them to buy a book called “English All Day”. We live in Roi Et city. Does anyone know where we can get it?? Thanks for any help you can give.

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