Watching British TV in Asia & Australia Just Got Easier

Watching British TV in Asia & Australia Just Got Easier


For several months now I have been using ThaiExpatTV to watch British TV here in Thailand. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t get my money’s worth as I don’t normally watch much TV. I tried their free trial and was impressed with both the quality and reliability of the streaming. Unlike using iPlayer with a VPN, the servers for ThaiExpatTV are inside Thailand and so there is hardly any dropouts. I use the mobile version which I play on my iPad. I then use Apple TV to send the picture to my 32″ big screen. Perfect picture and sound at that size. The company also do a set-top box if you don’t have Apple TV. They also have PC and Mac versions. I must admit that I am now addicted to watching British TV and have it on most days.


This week came some big news about a major upgrade to their mobile & PC software. You can now watch TV on demand for the last seven days. When you open the software, you can choose to either watch live by clicking on one of the channel icons (above), or click on the programme guide to see what is on offer over the past seven days (below). I like how you can click on a “genre” if there is a particular kind of show that you want to watch. Shows not in bold are the ones that haven’t aired yet, so you can see what is coming up.


The last time that I wrote about this, some people asked if they could watch this outside of Thailand. Well, some good news this week is that you can now watch it in most countries in Asia. These include: Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand & Australia. If you are an expat living outside one of these countries, you can request for your country to be added. Visit ThaiExpatTV for more information and to request a free trial. Click here to read my previous review of this product.

11 thoughts on “Watching British TV in Asia & Australia Just Got Easier

  1. We are happy with our VPN, but will keep this in mind should things change. For the iPad to TV connection, I just picked up an AV adaptor for 600 baht and can connect my iPad to directly to my TV and home theater. No need for the Apple TV or any special equipment.

    1. What VPN service do you use? Mine is not always reliable for streaming. Keeps buffering. I used to use the AV leads with the iPad, but being to use air play from anywhere in the house makes it much easier.

      1. I use and have an open VPN account. True is our ISP and they use a proxy server, so the open vpn was the only option that finally worked. I did have a L2TP vpn when we used TOT and it was pretty good, but the whole buffering issue did come up occasionally. Since switching to the open type account, we’ve been good to go. Although I did have to buy a router and set it up to run the vpn through the new router cause ipads aren’t set up for open vpns yet. So the ipad connects to the vpn router and off we go!

          1. I got a Linksys WRT54GL (around 1,700 baht). There were a couple different options and this was the least expensive and adequate for my usage. I tried to set it up myself, but I’m pretty useless when it comes to that kind of thing. I ended up chatting online with a StrongVPN router tech and he walked me through it step by step. Now we can use the VPN on anything that can connect to the internet, while also having the original True router linked to the VPN router (so we can use the non-VPN internet if needed).

      2. Hi Richard,
        I am using the trial on my Ipad via the mobile website, can you confirm you can then use Air Play to Apple TV? Is so thats awesome……….

  2. if you are not so much into live-TV (which is a problem cause of time difference) i can recommend
    It has german, english, US and some other channels and you can record any program to download later. Videos are in differnet formats from mobile phone screen to full-hd. The whole stuff is free, but if you want to use all features and dont want to wait for downloads on overloaded servers you can prepare to spend 2-5 Euro/month for premium downloads…

  3. Is Thai Expat TV an above board operation, under regular licence from the British channels? If so why does it broadcast BBC 1 South (not London) and BBC 2 Northern Ireland?

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