Thai Culture Ministry upset with Nok Air’s Sexy Calendar

Thai Culture Ministry upset with Nok Air’s Sexy Calendar


Sometimes I think that the Ministry of Culture doesn’t live in the real world. I know that they are trying to preserve Thai culture, which is a good thing, but sometimes they are acting more like the Taliban in dictating how people must live their lives. During Songkran the other year they objected to a video clip of a teenager dancing topless at a new year celebration. They said that it wasn’t part of Thai culture and that they should be dressed properly. It was then pointed out that the banner on their own website featured topless Songkran beauties.


Now comes the news that the ministry is upset with Nok Air’s sexy calendar for 2013. Nok Air are running a competition on their Facebook page for 300 people to win this calendar. Three of the pictures were posted last night and so far they’ve had 5,251 likes and have been shared 1,390 times. Once this story hits the newspapers I’m sure that these numbers will go up. There is no such thing as bad publicity. And judging by past cases, anything that the Ministry of Culture doesn’t like, be it a website or video, will quickly be catapulted into an Internet sensation.


What do you think? Are these pictures exploiting women and should be banned or is the Ministry of Culture sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong?

10 thoughts on “Thai Culture Ministry upset with Nok Air’s Sexy Calendar

  1. Thai politicians have always taken the moral high ground, they think it will gain them popularity. Deep down they couldnt care less. What’s more concerning, (and this doesnt just apply to Nok Air’s calendar) but why do all the girls in these Thai promotions and commercials in general have to have white skin? What’s wrong with showing all the shades of Thailand? To me thats a far more alarming ‘cultural trait’ than showing a bit of abdomen.

  2. Surely you are joking in order to generate comments
    The Nok Air calender is extremely sexist. Is Nok an airline or FHM magaine? Where are the male employees in the photo wearing sexy outfits for women customers my wife wants to know? Would you see British Airways or Delta using such a calender?

    As far as Songkran incident again you surely are joking? As a a parent of a teenage daughter I would prefer that my daughter engages in the older more traditional rights of this holiday, as espoused by the Ministry. The “nude” photo on their website is a picture of women from a historical perspective, wearing traditional thai clothing. Your comparison of the two is like comparing Botticellis painting Birth of Venus to a playboy magazine photo. Themevent on Silom was quite shocking for any parent to witness. I am also saddened that Songkran has become a drunken bacchanalia where Thai teenagers are urged on by drunken thai youth to engage in coyote like dancing. It is sad that farang come to Thailand and just buy obnoxious water pistols to go to Khao San road without learning about the meaning of such a holiday in Thai culture.

    1. I suppose you think that everyone from Asia who goes on holiday learns about the historical meanings of every holidays in the countries they visit do you Steve? Next time you are in the UK on Shrove Tuesday ask a Thai person the meaning of the holiday as they are tucking into their obnoxious pancakes LoL

      You sound like a right barrel of laughs. (Apart from your racist term to describe a certain foreign demographic based on racial characteristics).

        1. No steve. I am implying you are using a sweeping generalisation based on racial characteristics to define individuals from over 60 countries when you should know better.

    2. The retarded are the ones who believe that it’s important to protect their culture. Ask teenagers, they don’t mind anything and they are right !

  3. Who better than the son of a murderous politician, aided and abetted by plenty until recent capture, to uphold the real values of Thai culture.

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