“Sorry, no tourist information in English”

“Sorry, no tourist information in English”


I was at BTS Asok this afternoon and I thought that I would stop at this tourist office run by the BMA. I saw that they had a wide range of leaflets in the window which I thought would be useful for me to see what was new. However I didn’t get far. All of the leaflets were in Thai. They had nothing for me in English! You may remember me going to a travel fair the other week for Northeastern Thailand and the TAT desk could only find me a few leaflets in English. They have such a large budget, don’t you think that they could afford to translate more of these leaflets? The same goes for museums. If they are going to charge foreigners more than double to enter, shouldn’t the signs be bilingual?

6 thoughts on ““Sorry, no tourist information in English”

  1. Tourists in this case does not mean foreign visitors but inland Thai tourists of Thailand. In fact there are much more inland tourist of Thailand than short-staking foreign visitors who can barely speak Thai from outside Thailand.

  2. Hi Richard,
    Not far from MRT Sukhumvit. I’ve already been there. At the tourist information point, they speak English inside!

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