Plastic Partition to Protect Bangkok Taxi Drivers

Plastic Partition to Protect Bangkok Taxi Drivers


Plastic partitions may be common in some countries, but this is the first picture I have seen of one in Bangkok. We often hear about taxi drivers abusing passengers, but it sometimes happens the other way round too. As you can see in this picture, there is a small hole to pass your money through. To me I would worry more about a head injury. There are hardly ever any working seatbelts in the back & I can see myself crashing into the plastic partition when the driver suddenly stops. What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Plastic Partition to Protect Bangkok Taxi Drivers

  1. I agree. The lack of working seatbelts is a personal gripe I have with the taxis in this country. Why can’t working seatbelts be enforced? Its hardly going to cost the driver any more to have seatbelts that work. And it would be extra tea money, I mean revenue for the Police if not enforced. The only benefit of this is to the driver in that he wouldnt be crushed by a passenger sat behind him if there is a high speed collision.

  2. it is a real pain that most taxis stuff away the seat belts in Thailand. I feel always unsafe when driving with our toddler. If i am bolted i can at least grip the kid – but if we both are flying on any impact, what will you do?

    1. Whenever we come across a driver that drives carefully and has working seat-belts we get his card or number. Then whenever we have a long distance trip we call the list of ‘safe’ drivers. There is almost always get one who will take us where we need to go eg Samet, Ayutthaya.

  3. It is a great idea,people can have a little more privacy in the back, may deter mugging the taxi driver too,reduces some radio sounds and driver’s music.Air conditioning may be a problem in certain taxis and conversation with the driver regarding directions-one may have to talk through the hole in the middle!

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