Apple TV and eReaders on sale at Pantip Plaza

Apple TV and eReaders on sale at Pantip Plaza


On my last trip back to the UK I bought myself an Apple TV. I have been very pleased with it. I use it literally every day to either watch podcasts or stream video & live TV from my iPad onto the big screen. I’ve been thinking about buying a second Apple TV for the bedroom and so was pleased today to find an Apple TV at Pantip Plaza. Price is not much more than it is in the UK. Here is my tweet about it:

@RichardBarrow: Smart Mobile at Pantip Plaza on 2nd floor has Apple TV for 4,190 Baht. Also Kindle Paperwhite WiFi 6,490B/6,990B.

During my trip to the UK I also bought the latest Kindle. As luck goes, about 5 months later the Kindle Paperwhite came out. This has the advantage of a backlight. Even though I use my Kindle every day, I don’t think I can justify doing an upgrade so soon. Below are the prices for this shop:


6 thoughts on “Apple TV and eReaders on sale at Pantip Plaza

  1. I bought an Apple TV about 18 months ago while in the US and get a lot of use out of it. I use it in conjunction with American TV programs I find in MP4 or x264 format on the Internet and import into iTunes. I then stream them to the Apple-TV and then on to the big screen. That has format and high definition advantages over using AirPlay from the iPad.

  2. I am not using a VPN, but a friend from the UK sets up a VPN on his iOS devices and then uses AirPlay to push the content to his Apple-TV and thence to the big screen. I suspect one could also do this using a 2011 or later MacBook and Mountain Lion via AirPlay.

  3. Bandwidth is always a consideration as far as streaming is concerned, particularly with HD broadcasts. Nevertheless, there are alternatives such as in conjunction with your bit torrent client or applications such as Vuze.

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