A Thai Monk Out on a Date

A Thai Monk Out on a Date


One of the most shared pictures on social media today was this one of a monk and a young lady having a meal at a BBQ Plaza restaurant in Bangkok. According to one person, this picture was taken in the evening. As you probably know, monks are not allowed to eat after mid-day. They are also not allowed to be alone with women. Of course, this situation could be completely innocent. But there has been enough news stories about bad monks for people to speculate that they are having a romantic encounter. If it is indeed true then I wouldn’t be surprised. What do you think? Is there anything wrong with this?

9 thoughts on “A Thai Monk Out on a Date

  1. Well the fact that we see the monk having a dinner with a woman doesn’t really mean that he’s having a romantic encounter. This woman might be a relative.Of course there are bad monks out there but really what can be new or a shock to anyone these days? When we have priest molesting little boys and doing all sort of inhumane things. I would say it is wrong or right since I can’t tell for sure what is the relationship between the woman and the Monk.

  2. Unless they’re completely stupid, i think this is an innocent encounter since they didn’t try to hide in a room, and he kept his monk’s clothes…

  3. As an ex-Monk he is breaking a number of Vinaya rules. Not least of which is being alone in the company of a woman.

    Eating after midday is also another broken rule.

    The worst is people perception all he is doing regardless of intent is bring shames on the Sangha…..

  4. well,,, she has nice bazookas! (;+p kidding…. seriously, my Thai brother in laws told me the monks they know, the friends they went to school with, have wigs and clothes and they go out at night to ‘party’ with karaoke girls. None of the Thais I know seem to be bothered by this.

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