Use your Smartphone as a Ticket on the Skytrain

Use your Smartphone as a Ticket on the Skytrain


Some interesting news came out of a presentation by AIS today. Later this year, if you are a customer of AIS, you will be able to use your smartphone to pass through the ticket gates at Skytrain stations. You will also be able to use your phone to purchase goods at places like McDonalds, and any other place that uses Rabbit cards. Some other good news for AIS customers is that soon you will have access to MyCloud which is similar to the iCloud system.

RT @spin9: AIS เปิดตัว mPay Rabbit ใช้มือถือใช้แทนบัตรโดยสาร BTS โดยใช้มือถือแท็บแทนบัตรโดยสารได้เลย เริ่มใช้ไตรมาสสามปีนี้

6 thoughts on “Use your Smartphone as a Ticket on the Skytrain

  1. 13 years ago, the sky-train looked like a very promising solution to Bangkok’s traffic problems. Now, it’s developing into a chaos of ticketing systems and payment options, seemingly governed by isolated financial interests of each different owner. This in stark contrast to more or less every other major city on earth, where they have one system covering the whole city.

    I couldn’t care less if I can use my Rabbit Card to by burgers when I have to pay more and spend more time getting across the city because some investors want to maximise the return on their investments.

    If only the could issue an inexpensive Bunny Card that could be used at Bangkok’s infamous watering holes…

    1. I love the way you have to queue to get change then queue again to get the ticket!

      Why cant they just issue tickets at the change booth?

      1. And why did it not dawn on anyone when they brought in the Rabbit Card kiosks that it might also be an idea to be able to top up your card there (or online!) rather than having to queue up to do it with a person? It strikes me as part of a very Thai approach to things like this, everything is very labour intensive.

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