Special Offer to Watch ThaiExpatTV for only 99 Baht

January 30, 2013


I have written several times about ThaiExpatTV. This service allows you to watch UK TV here in Thailand. It works better than iPlayer as the servers are in Thailand. With iPlayer I found that the picture drops out often. At first I wasn’t sure that I would use this service much. But, I am hooked on it now and watch British TV every day for a couple of hours. In my review I suggested that you should try the free trial first to see if it is suitable for you. (As long as your Internet is 3MB then it should stream with no problem.) But today I spotted this special offer on Groupon. The offer is one month’s subscription for only 99 Baht. But you must act fast as there is a time limit. This special offer runs out at midnight. Visit MyGroupon.co.th for full details.

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