Please Stand on the Right

Please Stand on the Right


For the last few years I have seen a campaign online by Thais to get their compatriots to stand on the right while using escalators. In the West this is common courtesy so I guess this online campaign has been started by Thais who studied abroad. It doesn’t really bother me as I’m never in a rush in a shopping mall, but it is true that many Thais stand on the left and right. Posters like this are encouraging people to only stand on the right to make room for people to walk on the left. Will it work?

RT @THN24: ขึ้นบันไดเลื่อนทุกครั้ง ยืนชิดด้านขวา เปิดทางให้คนรีบได้ไปทางซ้ายนะครับ

14 thoughts on “Please Stand on the Right

  1. The only place this actually annoys me is in Siam when I am trying to get to the platform below and they just all stand there on both sides.

    The funny thing is, when they see the train they all then start a mad panic towards it.

    All it needs is some awareness signs and a small man with a whistle to blow at people who are not standing on the right and all will be good.

      1. I was joking!

        I’m woken every morning by a security guard downstairs that blows a whistle constantly at cars that are quite obviously ignoring him.

  2. LOL!

    How many times have we all stood in the queue at 7-11 for someone to just walk in and shout what they want? Problem is the staff always serve them first so it just encourages them to do it more.

    Stand on the right, don’t double park in busy roads, drive on the correct side of the road. Where do you start?

  3. Standing on either side works exactly the same in net-effect. What irks me is once “they” reach the top of the escalator, decide to stop moving completely, and try to decide which direction they wish to proceed. In the meantime, human-traffic is starting to pile up behind them.

    It’s exactly the same phenomena at fast-food counters. ONLY upon reaching the counter, do they start to try to read the menu. Then, this weird desire to try to find out the recipe behind each and every food item on the menu starts to manifest itself. And they will start an incessant enquiry about each time on the menu. This would involve the front-desk person, their friends, and sometimes even evoke a telephone call. To further their “knowledge”, the discussion would then continue among themselves (if in a group) about how one of their distant aunts used to cook a similar type food, but Thai-Style.

    Anyone else had the joy of experiencing something similar?

  4. There’s a strange disharmony within the system of laws and rules in Thailand. While the hair length of school kids is (was) compulsory, while traffic rules, like driving on the left side of the road, only seems to be of advisory nature. If it’s more convenient to drive on the right, by all means…

    But I absolutely agree; a man with a whistle would solve the problem, preferably one at each escalator 😀

  5. EVERY SINGLE DAY I have to yell at people in the front of me to “MOVE AWAY” ’cause I want to walk up/down. I’m Thai and I can’t stand this, it’s annoying when people just standing all over….left and right! *sigh*

  6. Another alternative would be to put tanning salon bulbs along the ceiling of the left hand side. The absolute horror of the thought of their skin getting darker will have them cowering over on the right hand side faster than you could say spacial awareness.

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