Is the Amazing I-San Fair only for Thais?

Is the Amazing I-San Fair only for Thais?


Everything you need for planning your trip to Isaan can be found at the “Amazing I-san Fair 2013”; tours, accommodation, activities etc and also cultural performances and Isaan food. It takes place at QSNCC in Bangkok until Sunday, 10am-8pm. Easy access via MRT station of the same name.


The event is organised by the TAT and I’m at the press conference at the moment. During the opening remarks it was made clear that the aim of the fair is to promote Isaan as a tourist destination for both Thai and foreign tourists. It’s strange then that I am the only foreign media here.


But, when you analyse it, it’s probably not surprising that there isn’t much interest among the foreign community. Looking around the fair just now, I would say that by far the majority of booths only had information in the Thai language. Even at the TAT stall, out of the dozens of brochures they had on display, they could only find three for me in English.


Over the weekend there will be various activities including cultural activities. Again the information board about this with the schedule is only in Thai language. I picked up a brochure at the front desk but that was in Thai too. If they are really interested in promoting Isaan as a destination for foreign tourists then they need to produce more brochures in languages other than just Thai. Not only the TAT but hotels and tourist attractions too.

9 thoughts on “Is the Amazing I-San Fair only for Thais?

      1. And many tourists who would love to get a better understanding of the region, visit more and ultimately provide an economic boost far greater than the cost of providing some information in the world’s ‘universal language’.

    1. Yes, surprise surprise…some of us foreigners can actually speak Thai – amazing huh? But that wasn’t the point of the article or the fair, which was promoting the Northeastern region of Thailand as a tourist destination that necessitates having some form of promotional literature in languages other than Thai.

  1. “Everything you need for planning your trip to Isaan Province…”

    Isaan isn’t a province, it’s a region comprising some 20 provinces.

  2. I was at Amazing Isaan all the Friday as well as Sunday afternoon… the exhibitors, dancers and musicians outnumbered the visitors… promoted to the Thais only, who did not bother, most of the visitors were Isaan Bangkok residents and friends.

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