Is it Starbucks Coffee or Starbung Coffee?

Is it Starbucks Coffee or Starbung Coffee?


Over the weekend, many Thai newspapers had a picture similar to this one of soldiers protesting in front of the ASTV offices on Phra Athit Road in Bangkok. It wasn’t the fact that soldiers were out protesting that caught my attention. It was the logo of a coffee shop in the top right hand corner. Does that say Starbucks or Starbung Coffee?


It does in fact say Starbung Coffee. This Muslim vendor was in the news last year as he had received a “cease and desist” notice from the lawyers of Starbucks. Not surprising as the resemblance is very striking. Obviously nothing came out of it as he is still there today. So, if you fancy a “slighty cheaper” coffee, then head down to Phra Athit Road (see map).


Have you seen any other shop or vendor in Thailand breaking copyright laws? I don’t mean selling fake products as they are everywhere. Have you seen a shop pretending to be something that it isn’t? I once saw a 7-Eleven logo on a mom and pop store in the middle of nowhere!



Since I posted this blog, Karl Dahlfred, a friend on Facebook sent me a picture of another Starbucks wannabe. This one is called Star Wars Coffee. This is what he said: “Starwars coffee isn’t even really a shop but it is woman selling coffee, etc. out of the back of a van (permanently parked outside of 7-11)”.

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  1. On Surawong there is an Indian Restaurant called ‘Indian Hut’, which bears a striking resemblance to the design of the Pizza Hut logo, but I suppose thats more of a play on branding as they don’t sell crappy, sweet, disgusting, sausage crust things of nightmares that Pizza Hut do.

  2. I stopped going to Starbucks last year after a triple whammy
    1) The news of tax avoidance in the UK (and probably elsewhere)
    2) A price hike
    3) Xmas cups

    So, maybe I should give Starbung’s a try.

  3. Bung’s drinks taste really good, mostly Thai style drinks. He is a nice and lovely guy. It’s not a shop, just motorbike-turn-out-to-be stall.

  4. In Borneo, we have am eatery called subday and the owner told me that Subway comapny has actually written to them and the stall is still there!

  5. In bangkachoa there’s a small supermarket calling int self locus, it has the same graphics as tesco lotus.
    Send me your email and I will send some pictures.

  6. We’ve got KFV here in Samut Prakan too, obviously a new franchise operation. Have to say for the price of one of KFCs burgers you can get a pretty much a whole chickens worth of “yum gai tawht” made to your preferences. I used to feel guilty about giving it to my cravings for foreign junk food every couple of months or so, now i have this every week instead!

      1. Its at the evening market directly accross from BKK Ranch (Long pbet/duck factory) on sukhaphiban 6. Its a stall rather than a shop, selling various cuts of chicken similar to kfc at a fraction of the price. for an extra 5 baht (I think)they will do it as spicy salad. It’s sometimes not there, I’d say open a random 5/7 days a week.

  7. Just started a boycott Starbucks page on Facebook. Go to Facebook and look for: notostarbucks (one word) I hope this is ok with the admins here. Otherwise please remove :p

  8. FYI, the lawsuit by SBUX is “alive & well” and recent news reports are that the Starbungs vendor is going to lose alot of money in fines and court costs and award to SBUX for damages.

    These corporations are all-powerful globally and once hid in the shadow of the US but are now so large they pull the strings of the US.

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