Dashboard Cameras Becoming Popular in Thailand

Dashboard Cameras Becoming Popular in Thailand


One of the latest trends among Thai motorists is installing a dashcam. I’ve seen adverts like this one on quite a few Thai websites and some of my Thai friends already have one. The prices are certainly dropping now. You can either buy online at websites like this one or just visit MBK in Bangkok. You just plug it into your cigarette lighter and insert a SD Card. It then records your journey using a wide angle lens. An average card size will be able to record a nine hour car journey. You can even set them up to automatically re-record on top of old recordings if nothing happened during your journey. I even know someone who set up a second dashcam pointing to the drivers door. Useful if you get stopped by a policeman and he tries to get a bribe out of you. I think as a foreigner in Thailand, something like this is a good idea. Its gives you peace of mind. If an incident does happen, it is easier to show who was at fault. Policeman often have the attitude that if you are foreigner then you must be rich and should then pay compensation to the other party. Doesn’t matter who was at fault.

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    1. My Thai friend has this one. He bought it at Ban Mor in Chinatown for 700 Baht last year. Came with free SD Card which he says he hasn’t changed. When he starts up the engine it automatically starts recording. When the card is filled it automatically re-records. Only time you need to touch it is if there was an incident. He said the cord that came with it was too short, so he bought an extension for about 150 Baht.

  1. I have mine with the Garmon Nivi. I’ve used IVMS (In Vehicle monitoring Systems), to include rolling cameras in many countries. They are a compulsory requirement in the Middle East for contracts.

  2. The problem with 90% of dashcams on the market worldwide and in Thailand is that they are Chinese and of very poor quality, the chances are that they will fail within weeks, especially when exposed to the temperatures that exist in the windscreen area of a parked car in Thailand.

  3. only place can get quality is out of Korea and taiwan..much research.

    i recommend black vue and favorite be i-road out of korea

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