Bangkok Taxi Campaign: No Go? No Shut Door!

Bangkok Taxi Campaign: No Go? No Shut Door!


Although it is illegal for a taxi driver to refuse to take you to your destination, people on the Internet are still complaining about it. Admittedly I don’t take taxis that often, but I don’t experience this problem often. I also have no problem with them them not turning on the meter. “Meter not working? Great, free trip for me!” My only tip for getting taxi drivers to go where you want is to get in the back, shut the door, and then say where you want to go. But this poster spotted on Facebook might have a better idea. It basically says “No go? No shut!” What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Bangkok Taxi Campaign: No Go? No Shut Door!

    1. The point of the poster is that if the driver refuses to take you then you leave the door open forcing the driver to get out and close it themselves. The comment about provoking a violent backlash is pertinent here.
      The Facebook page:
      is a place to report taxis for this and other transgressions, but/and is pretty much Thai only. There is also a mobile app but that’s only for the terminally stupid.

  1. First trip to Bangkok last November, loved it…except for the taxi services! Never any seat belts in the back seat, didn’t stick to road rules, purposely went the wrong way or long way (even when advised which way to take) to overcharge fairs. Never wanted to use meter & would say no when we urged them to use meter. Did not feel safe with Thai taxi drivers. It really is a shame as I know in many other places like Singapore for example taxi drivers are polite, friendly and have great advice/tips. In Bangkok even though they knew English quite well they faked it for most of the trip to gouge more money out of you.

  2. Sounds like a good way to get chased & beaten by some poor guy all hopped up on M150 at the end of his shift – and his wits.

  3. Not only foreign visitors but also Thais from other regions outside Bangkok have been reportedly having the same experience troubled by taxi. If the standards of taxi service will get improved Bangkok will be hopefully a better city.

  4. This ‘No Go, No shut door’ campaign may have been aimed at Thais, but this is bad advice for tourists. Be polite, shut the door and wait about 5 seconds for the next taxi. The streets of BKK are swarming with taxis, you will find one who will take you. Stay cool. Why risk a confrontation and spoil your day, or worse if it gets physical?

  5. I’ve done it before by mistake and felt wonderful after (driver was a real pain). But I do sympathise with some of the taxi drivers who apologise for not being able to take me where I request. The new law doesn’t take into account drivers who need to return their cabs during a certain time at the end of their shift, those running low on petrol, or needing to pick up a fare at a set time. I will keep this in mind though…

  6. Love the general idea! See the danger of physical confrontation, but generally think if something like this works it sends the right message to rogue taxi drivers. Even if staying polite though, it’s worth sending a clear message to the driver that you’re not happy and that he/she is breaking the law.

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