Bangkok Post Insults Snoop Dogg

Bangkok Post Insults Snoop Dogg


Internationally acclaimed rapper Snoop Dogg (now known as Snoop Lion) has flown to Thailand for a concert. He is presently on holiday in Phuket. The local newspaper there had an opportunity to do a photo op and one of these pictures was picked up by the online edition of the Bangkok Post. Incredibly, the headline that they chose was “Snoop Lion/Dogg tries to wai/fails”. So much for Thailand being a tolerant society. Most guidebooks say that Thais are very forgiving and so even if your wai isn’t perfect, they will still smile and be proud that you tried. Not the Bangkok Post who labelled Snoop Dogg as a failure. In his defense, he flew straight from India where that “namaste” greeting is perfectly acceptable. However, in the Thai version, the elbows don’t stick out so much and are kept more straight with the body. But, at the end of the day who really cares? At least he made an attempt. There is no need to insult him. Hopefully this article will be taken down.

Here is some feedback that was tweeted to me:

(US Ambassador) RT @KristieKenney: @RichardBarrow I think the “tries to” part is a gracious gesture by a non-Thai guest.

(Official Thailand Tourism Page for UK) RT @fanclubthailand: We think his Wai is good! Sawasdee ka @SnoopDogg

4 thoughts on “Bangkok Post Insults Snoop Dogg

  1. Celebrities are fair game for snubs like this… controversy sells, and ultimately benefits both the paper and Snoop Whatever (or Lady Gaga earlier on). It’s not like they’re mocking a random tourist.

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