Role Reversal for a Thai Monk

Role Reversal for a Thai Monk

This picture has been doing the rounds a lot on Facebook recently. Not sure who the original photographer is any more. I think the reason that it has been so popular is the role reversal. Normally monks go out on their morning alms round collecting food and drink from local Buddhists. They often collect more than they need but temple rules forbid them from declining any offering. What we have in this picture are monks on an alms round emptying their bowls to give to a beggar. After all the bad press monks have been receiving lately, it is really good to see such a scene.

5 thoughts on “Role Reversal for a Thai Monk

  1. monk is not beger, monk only learn dhama don’t do business, they learn and teach people about religion about the way of life

    buddhist people cooking food for monk like cook food for your mum & dad

  2. In the Chiangmai city, I have seen that many time in the morning. A few poor people would gather at a certain spot in the marketplace, and passing monks would leave their alms on the table nearby for them.

  3. yeah monks give wisdom to people and people take care them. it’s a complementary
    and the temple receive donated money from people after that distribute to villager around the temple such as develop a quality of life ,give food for poorer ,educated children which you see a little monk

    actually,have history about this since the prophet still alive

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